What Summer is All About

Packing for the holiday

What is summer all about? Swimsuits, kimonos and of course, luggage.

Time to pack your bag and fly away to your dream destination. But what will you pack?

No holiday is complete without some stylish swimsuits and colorful kimonos to go with.

I made a mini selection of some of my favorite items that I think will be perfect buys for this summer.

Suitcase organizers so you won’t mix your toiletries with clothes and other small items. An organized suitcase will make your holiday even more perfect.


Colorful mono-kinies and color-blocking swimsuits are the best items you can invest in. Find something that really fits your style and of course your silhouette. flower prints, aquatic themes will never go out of style. Green and blue are this season’s hit colors.


All the items are discounted and you can get them right before your holiday!

Find your favorite swimsuit here

And last but not least, a cool cover up for your super fab swimsuit.

Flower printed kimonos are not out of fashion! Either you want to wear to the beach or for a music festival you can’t go wrong with such a versatile item.

Cheap and chic kimonos.







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