Visiting Bari – Weekend Escape

Pizza & Pasta is Life


I got the lust for travel a few years ago, but I never had the chance to visit Italy until now. Even if I haven’t set foot on the Italian ground before, I was already in love with the food. Pizza, pasta and all those lovely desserts that make me drool just as I am writing about them right now. As a fun fact, so I’d get the idea on how much I love Italian food, when we visited Thailand we used to eat our lunches and dinner at the Italian restaurant near our hotel instead of the traditional Thai food. Yes, I know I was missing out of the real culinary experience, but I can’t help it.

This whole extended weekend trip was planned as a quick fix for a first vacation with my baby girl. It had to be an easy and fast flight so between all the other options, we choose Italy because I read a foodie post on Emilia Delizia and I knew I wanted to and check out the real Italian food I always loved.

So off we went to Bari to get the real Italian taste.

Because it was a 4 day trip, we didn’t have much time to visit the surrounding landmarks, also because travelling with a toddler is always a bit more difficult. From changing diapers, to sleeping habits, to eating and nursing, it all ads up into a very organized plan that we needed to stick to for the well-being of the little one.

So we only visited Bari, mainly the old city center and Polignano for a day trip by train that the baby also enjoyed.


Besides the fact that I found it kind of hard of getting along with the locals especially when it came to ordering food or getting directions in English because I do not speak Italian, the city had a very nice vibe. Old meets new in a very trendy vibe is how I would describe Bari.

We had really nice weather conditions so we took the opportunity to enjoy eating and drinking at the terrace along the pier.







A food journey

If we are talking about food, I have to say I love the pizza, and the pasta, but I can’t say which one more. I do not eat meat so the variations they offered were quite generous compared to so many other places I have eaten pizza and pasta before( not Italy).

The best ice cream I ever had ( in my life probably) was in Polignano at a place called White – New Cafe or something like that.

Unfortunately, my favorite dessert that I love to make myself, Tiramisu, wasn’t the best one I had there. I actually make a better version:( That made me sad, until I met Cannoli. WOW! I could eat that everyday, but I didn’t because I was still struggling to get back in shape after having the baby.

Bari was a delicious destination all in all even if it was a short trip I need to start adding more Italian destinations to my bucket list because I need to try out many more dishes, and of course enjoy the views and the whole atmosphere of “Dolce Far Niente” to get that relaxation trigger we all lust for on a vacation.


italian food tour





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