How to Wear a Fur Vest

Styling a vest


Vests are ideal when the weather is not very predictable, and they make an awesome item for layering. I could wear vests all year round and fur a fur vest makes no exception, well not in summer anyway., but the question still remains: how to wear a fur vest?

how to wear a fur vest

Hat: Here/ Boots: Mango / Dress: Romwe / Vest: Here / Bag: Cathias Edeline

grey fur vest

When it’s still cold outside, but not very very cold, you can go out dressed a bit more skimpy but do keep you back and legs warm so you won’t get sick fast. A sleeveless dress worn with nude tights and a warm, fur vest can be an option. The sun was actually warming up my hands so I didn’t feel cold at all.

As for the styling of a fur vest, it all depends on your personal style. How to wear a fur vest?

  • If you like more casual outfits, style it up with some jeans or even a tracksuit and some cool sneakers.
  • For more elegant looks, wear the fur vest over a lace or silk dress with ruffles. Don’t forget about your high heels or over the knee boots.

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baby bump dress

Still, I like to take the whole look somewhere between casual and elegant. I went for a simple dress, that still fits me even now, leo printed wedges and this cool leather+fur vest. I will always go for a hat especially if it’s not very warm outside. A hat can save your day if your hair is not very cooperative when it comes to staying the way you want it.

I love this vest because it has those faux leather details and fringes that make it even more special than a really classic version. It’s very versatile, cool and still, it maintains that functional feature; it keeps warm. The neutral color helps it being more versatile and easy to mix and match in different outfits. Even if Spring is just around the corner, I know I will wear it during next Fall because it will not go out of style very soon.

Do you wear fur vests in Spring or is it just me?

Let’s embrace the beautiful weather and get those dresses out of the closet… I know I will because probably jeans won’t fit me in the near future.



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