What to Wear for New Years Eve

New Year’s Looks

As the New Year’s eve is fast approaching I thought of giving you 2 outfit ideas on what you could wear for this occasion, because the question remains: What to wear for New Years Eve?

And because I love being comfy and more on the urban chic side, I picked out two looks fit for maybe a casual or cabana party after a long day skiing on the slopes.

Surely these looks can be adjusted and restyled to fit your own personality and wardrobe of course, but you can use them as inspiration.


Sequined blazer and silver skirt mix

A silver skirt is just like a black leather skirt, very versatile yet a bit more bold. I would style it just like I would a leather skirt and mix it both in a more casual and a more fancy look.

Here’s a mix with a super minimalist black bodysuit  and ankle boots. I also added the mesh blouse as a touch of texture and I really like how it gives it a more rockish look just by adding a simple layer to the whole look. The blazer makes it more glamorous so maybe another nice idea would be to try this outfit with some high heeled sandals.

Black dotted stocking could make a nice detail too so why not try that out. I would also try adding some big snow boots, as they would look really cool in this combo, but I do not own a pair yet, so maybe you can try it out and show me.

I am wearing: NA-KD blazer, skirt and bodysuit

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silver skirt outfit

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new year outfit

new years backdrop for photography

Glittery high waist pants and fur collar jacket

Apres-ski party for the New Years Eve calls for a fur infused look. Some super high waisted glittery trousers would keep you warm and sexy enough to be able to enjoy the night away. The fur on this jacket is detachable so it’s easy to change seasons in it. Spring, Autumn and Winter all in one;) . What you wear under it will be at your own styling pleasure. I paired it with the bodysuit and a knitted pullover you might have seen in this post.

Don’t forget about the boots and maybe a cool scarf.

I am wearing NA-KD trousers, bodysuit and jacket

So what will you be wearing for New Years Eve this year?


what to wear for new years eve

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