How to Wear a Pleated Skirt

Summer Trends 2016- Metallic Textures

I don’t usually wear skirts and if I take a look in my closet the only skirts I have are all textured.

Leather, embossed, pleated, sequined, beaded, fringed, not even one simple, classic skirt because they are not my thing.

When I saw this beautiful metallic pleated skirt I knew it was a match made in heaven. My thought was that I will cut it as soon as I open the package, but when I tried it on, it was the perfect length. Surely I won’t be able to wear it with any sneakers or other flat shoes because I am not tall at all, but with heels it looks perfect.

But how to wear a pleated skirt?

I will tell you my opinion based on my height and how I like to mix things.

I was looking for a chic look with a rock ‘n roll spice to it. So I thought of combining the metallic midi skirt with a cool printed T-shirt so it won’t be a pretentious look for a daytime event. I went for my BAD Attitude top because I felt it had that personal touch to it.

Because I was having a bad hair day and my volume was nonexistent, I put on a small hat that actually completed the whole outfit really nice. I needed a small bag that would fit my essentials so I opted for this cute piece designed by Diane von Furstenberg which is actually a recent addition to my humble collection.

Last but not least, the simple strap sandals. I think these are very versatile and we all need to have them in our wardrobe. They make the ankle look thinner, legs longer and this particular pair is very comfortable especially taking into account the fact that I rarely wear heels.

So here are 3 basic rules for wearing the pleated skirt:

  • Tuck your top in so your waist would look thinner
  • Wear heels in order to look taller especially if the skirt has a midi length
  • Mix textures for a cool look and focus on accessories.

how to wear a pleated skirt

Top: BADstyle/ Shoes: Similar /Bag: Diane Von Furstenberg /Skirt: Here

red metallic pleated skirt

casual cool look red metallic pleated skirt

pleated metallic skirt

diane von furstenberg lips shoulder bag

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