How to Wear a Silver Skirt

Pleated skirts for autumn

Pleated skirts have made it back in our top favorites this year and we are not talking about those simple, dull designs, we are talking about metallic textures that blow your mind. So you are probably wondering how to wear a silver skirt.

How to Wear a Silver Skirt

Top: HERE / Hat: Zara / Jacket: StyleMoi/ Skirt: Similar


pleated silver skirt

You might think that wearing a metallic skirt is a hard thing to pull off, but it’s not.

Depending on your personal style you might want to wear it with a simple T-shirt or pullover for colder days or with a fancy bodice for a special event.

When it comes to shoes, this versatile yet edgy piece of clothing goes basically with anything.

Sneakers, sandals, flats, high heels, boots, you name it! IT all depends on how you want to style everything, either casual, elegant or very edgy.

This is my second pleated skirt, the red one was my first and I still love it. I wanted a more neutral color so when I found this cute skirt in Kuala Lumpur I knew I had to have it.

It’s co soft and easy to cared for. I am saying this because I saw several other designs that wrinkle very badly and you can’t just iron it because ironing a pleated skirt is not an easy job.

metallic skirt


how to wear a silver skirt

This one as well as the red version I have are easily washed by hand and then left to dry out, no need for ironing anything.

When it comes to wearing a silver skirt, I picked a cut out shoulder top and a cool puffy fur jacket.

This is a more elegant approach for a silver skirt mix, but I could as well be wearing sneakers and a pullover together with a leather jacket and that’s it. Casual cool for a fun day out with my girls.

Either two might be a nice starting point for a Christmas party look. How about picking some warm tights, high heeled ankle boots and a nice lace top tucked in. For a cool finish, try an embellished leather belt to emphasize your waistline. If you don’t have time to fix your hair up, try going for a cool black fedora. It will save any bad hair day you might have.


So what do you think? Are pleated skirts a good idea for warm winter outfits or should we forget about them until next summer? Ho would you wear a silver skirt?

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