Casual Winter Outfits

When we are talking about winter outfits, casual is the first thing that pops into my mind.

You probably remember all those funny memes with winter expectations in fashion and the actual result after getting out the door. This is the real deal. You need to stay warm and comfortable in order to enjoy the weather outside and of course not catch a cold. So let’s see an idea for casual winter outfits.

casual looks

Jacket: HERE/ Jeans: Choies / Sneakers: Adidas / Backpack: Bonprix 

fur collar puff coat

High heels are not a great choice especially when it’s very cold outside.

Try not to break anything just be thinking of being very stylish when it’s so icy outside.

You will say that how come I am talking about keeping yourself warm in winter and I am wearing ripped jeans right here. But I have a secret, nude stockings for a cool yet warm look, if you know what I mean.

I do the same thing with net stockings when it’s cold outside, I always go for nude stockings to be sure I won’t stay sick in bed for the next several days after that not so smart choice.

Casual cool in winter is trying to pick cool pants like printed, embroidered or ripped jeans styled up with some fashionable pullovers, sweatjackets and boots or sneakers. For bolder choices, try knitted trousers, maybe even flared with some comfortable boots.

Casual Winter Outfits


winter puffer

Beanies, scarves and fur collars should complete such a simple look.

I wore my new puffer jacket which is my first on so many years. I used to be fed up with this type of jackets because I used to wear them in my childhood years very often. Still, I don’t like all such designs, because they might make me look big. This is the case mostly for short people, so if you are tall you will have many more choices when it comes to buying a new puffer jacket.

In my case, this is the ideal choice. Soft, thin, it has a cool color and a nice faux fur collar that can also be detached in case it doesn’t fit with my outfit. I love the jacket so much that I am thinking of buying another one or maybe similar design in dark green or violet.

What do you think? Are you going casual this winter or will you try to pull something more elegant of?

Don’t forget that health and safety are much more important that any stylish outfit, even if this might mean that you won’t have a wow look for a day out in the park.

Fashion is all about the attitude and not the clothes you are wearing.

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