What Is Proving Popular In 2021 Engagement Ring Trends

If you are planning to propose in 2021 and will be shopping for an engagement ring, you may wish to note some of the current trends for rings before you decide what to buy. There are many different designs available and varying options at all price points, so there is something suitable for all tastes and budgets. Below are some engagement ring trends for 2021 that prove popular so far and look to continue in 2022 and beyond.

Custom-Made Engagement Rings

Many people are looking to create bespoke rings for their weddings, and there are many benefits to opting for this rather than purchasing an off-the-shelf design. You can often get much more for your money even though the prices may be similar, and you can also ensure the quality of the jewellery when choosing handmade engagement rings.

Most jewellery in your high street shops is mass-produced, whereas a skilled artisan will handcraft custom designs. When looking for handmade diamond engagement rings Brisbane gentlemen and men from other cities around the world choose for their beloved, the internet can provide many excellent options available to you. A quick online search will show you the local reputable jewellery designers near you.


Coloured Stones

Another trend proving popular in 2021 with engagement rings is coloured gemstones, with a significant increase in the number of coloured gems being sold. Many people choose other gemstones aside from diamonds, for the sheer brilliance and deepness of the available colours. Dark red rubies and deep blue sapphires are popular, as well as emeralds. You may also get these other gems cheaper than diamonds, and although you can get coloured diamonds, these are expensive. With the Argyle mine – home of the famous pink diamonds – closing in 2020, these gems will only increase in value, making other gemstones more affordable. A beautiful engagement ring with a brightly coloured gem will look fantastic on your finger, no matter what gemstone it has.


Investing More

It is also increasingly common for people to be spending more on their engagement and wedding rings and ensuring that they are of high-quality. The increase in money spent is probably linked to the rise in demand for custom-made rings. Couples are spending more to ensure they get what they want and that it is of the highest quality. However, investing more does not mean that the ring’s size must increase too much, and it is vital to ensure that the engagement ring is practical for everyday use.

Ethically Sourced Materials

Many people are very responsible when it comes to shopping, no matter what they are buying. People want to be assured that the materials that go into making their engagement ring are sourced ethically and come from reputable sources. Most gemstones will come with a certificate of origin to prove where it comes from and that it is not a conflict gem and which describes the size and quality of the gemstone.

People are much more concerned about the way a product is sourced and its impact on our environment than they were 20 years ago, so these factors are also influencing where people are buying their engagement rings from, and the materials they use in them.

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