What to Wear for Engagement Photos

There comes a time in any happy couples’ life when they decide to tie the knot and everything around them becomes a fairytale based on they own screenplay.

There are three important photo related events for the young couple:

  • the engagement photos,
  • wedding photos
  • trash the dress photos

The first step namely the engagement photo shooting, is always the hardest, but it will create a great base for the ones that will come after.

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If it’s pretty clear what you will wear for the wedding and trash the dress photo shootings, but the ultimate challenge is to find the right scenery and theme for the enegagement photos. And the question still remains: What to Wear for Engagement Photos

My thought would be this. Wear something that fits your style. No need to pretend you are something else.

Don’t try to be something you are not. If you don’t wear dresses and prefer sneakers why not try something more fun, something that reflects what you are. You can try to have fun with elements you don’t normally go for like a tulle skirt or even a T-shirt dress, but add things you always enjoy wearing like you favorite sneakers and leather jacket.


Pick the location and set theme accordingly, or the other way around. Be sure they are somewhat coordinated so that the end result would look beautiful. If you are going for a modern location don’t go for anything vintage or rustic. Simple lines, modern cuts would do the job. Nothing too romatic or ruffley.

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Don’t try to make the photoshooting too rigid because it won’t look natural. Add small details that define you as a couple. Maybe a glass of your favorite wine, maybe the hat you wore when you first met him, maybe a pet that brought you together. Something that impacted your relationship in a beautiful way. A memorable element that you will never forget.

Photo via Unsplash.com

Talking about details, you know that everything that’s unique and beautiful could be found on Etsy.

Because of this, I want to get you acquainted with Michelle. I found her Etsy shop while browsing for home inspiration. Nothing to do with interior design, I went from one category to another, the I got some suggestions from the site and I landed on her shop.

Michelle helps to add beautiful details into such unique photo shootings. I’ve sent her some questions about what she does so that you can get to know her better.

painted leather jacket

What inspired you to start this business and why did you choose weddings/engagements as a theme and not anything else?

When I started my business it wasn’t the first time I’d had experience in the wedding industry. I actually used to help out a friend with her chair cover business and was amazed by the beauty in the venues. Fast forward about 10 years and with experience in the design industry as a Graphic Designer I started venturing into wedding stationery and calligraphy from a lettering project I was working on at my full time job. Working all day on commercial projects and with digital designs I forgot what it was like to draw with a simple pen and paper or pick up a brush and paint on leather. From then I realized that a different outlet of design could help me release my desire to work digitally and handcraft items.

 What style describes your work best?

With my jacket customisations I like to keep a consistent style with outline drawings, mixing botanical designs, calligraphy and often geometric elements. Even when I’m asked to create a completely bespoke idea the clients are aware that the designs will follow my signature style.

Which was the most interesting custom design you’ve made?

I got to work on something a little different with an influencer who had amazing ideas for her best friend’s wedding jacket. They had both lost a close friend a few years ago and were raising money for a mental health charity. The symbol representing their friend was a sunflower which I incorporated into the design. It was a beautiful but subtle tribute.

What’s your favorite medium to work on?

I love lettering on so many mediums like handmade paper, capiz shells, mirrors, etc. But I have to admit that leather jackets are my all time favorite. It’s not the easiest or quickest, but the satisfaction of seeing the brides wearing this on their special day and cherishing them as a keepsake is an unbeatable feeling.

What percentage of a successful/beautiful photoshooting  do custom made details have?

Having something customized creates a truly unique item and adds a lot of value as it usually represents something that is individual to a person. Quite often in styled shoots, there are many elements of custom made items as this gives a vision of the endless possibilities with wedding decor and fashion. With the popularity of websites like Etsy and Notonthehighstreet, these platforms gives the opportunity for many to find unique items or help them bring their dreams to reality. Many of the jackets I create have meaning behind the designs, whether it is to include flowers from the bridal bouquet or more sentimental reasons such as elements that represent a loved one who is no longer with them. With the effort gone into these items, it is no surprise that many photographers will capture these details in many photoshoots.

Why do you think people are so into Calligraphy today when everything is so digitized?

Calligraphy is not just a trend. It’s been around forever and there’s no signs of it disappearing making way for that latest font designs. Yes, it is a luxury but there are many who see the beauty when items are handcrafted and also still plenty who really value this skill. Calligraphy gives a more personal element to items which digital doesn’t always achieve.

caligraphic letter

Photos via Michelle – ETSY

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