Why Wigs and Extensions are Better for You

Feeling creative? Don’t ruin your for for the sake of art


We all want to try new things and maybe we also get bored really fast with our look, but destroying our hair for the sake of being cool isn’t something very smart.

Short hair, long hair, bangs, blonde hair, red hair than back to our natural. From curls to straight geometrical cuts, we want to try them all in a short period of time because who has time to wait in this fast paced world?

I myself like to try different colors and styles, but I never want to damage my hair even if I know that the new haircut or hair color will look simply amazing.

I love my hair as it is and when I want to try some new and interesting style, I always go for things that are less invasive and less permanent like wigs or hair extensions that I can easily change or remove as fast wish.

hair extensions


Besides the fact that these do not ruin your hair they provide instant advantages:

Thicker hair, perfect for braids and other hairstyle where volume is the key

Longer hair. This is surely a real dream come true especially for brides that didn’t have the chance to grow the length they wanted to for the big day.

You can color them as you want without being afraid that those techniques might damage the hair. Blonde, red, purple? Of course!

You can cut and then don’t feel bad about it. Buy new wigs, get new extensions. No problem!

You grew your hair long but now you want that cute bob haircut Victoria Beckham used to sport a while ago? Get a wig and cut that one. You can have your bob today but tomorrow when you go to gym you can easily get back to your ponytail and secure all your hair up tight without having any trouble.


If you haven’t tried any wigs or extensions yet, be sure to give them a go if you feel creative. Don’t play with your hair because you might do something you could regret the next day and can’t push any undo buttons that fast.




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