Would you make a change and start living the life you always wanted?

There are times when you don’t feel at ease, you feel that you need to change something, you need  find your own place and try to build the life you always wanted but never could have, until now.

Packing your bags and booking a one way ticket to a new place take courage, but if you don’t do that, then how could you chase your dream?

chicago bean

Chicago – high end living

This is not a very cheap city to live in, but you might enjoy the energy and nightlife that comes with. There are so many job opportunities that could just turn your life around that it makes it worth trying it out. I admit that I would love something more beachy with high temperatures all year round like Miami, but you can’t have both an awesome career and a slow paced life.  The fast life we are living demands ongoing development both personal and career wise in order to stay close to the top, if you want that of course.

Expensive? YES! But there are always options for everybody. Try finding a service that could provide an easy access to the best places you could rent out and find the dream home just by browsing from anywhere in the world.

Moving in a new city? What to do first

The obvious thing to do, find a place to live. This sounds so easy but yet, it’s very complicated. Location wise, money wise, comfort wise, everything needs to be balanced in order to meet your minimal desires, especially if you want to get settled in Chicago for a while. The easiest way is to find an app or service that could do the job for you. Just look on a map, add some filters and check out rentals online. Zumper is one way of doing this because you can even do a virtual trial, no need to walk around the city to book and see apartments because everything is just under your fingertips. Especially during this uncertain situation we are all facing, people don’t have time to waste, more so because of all the opportunities that arise in this crisis. Tony Robbins even encourages investments and taking on unique opportunities when the market falls because it always goes up later and you might just benefit from that.

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Cool rental costs might also go down so having access to such a wide range of apartments under your fingertips is pure bliss. Be courageous and search for your dream location and best apartment layout without looking at home much the rent might be. Make a top 10 list and then check the prices, you might just be stunned that you can afford exactly most of those rents. Now is the best time to get your ideal apartment especially due to this insecure life we are all living.

chicago skyline

What to do in your free time in Chicago?

If you are planing of finding a cool apartment in Chicago, be sure to include some of these landmarks that you could be neighboring.

Such a big city, so many options, but it all depends on what you enjoy doing in your free time. From taking long walks and enjoying the parks, or visiting museums, Chicago has a lot to offer. With a stunning public transportation infrastructure, you can get from one place to another so easily.

Millennium Park, Lincoln and Grant Park are a must, whether you are just passing by or living in the city, these stunning parks make even a casual walk towards work a real sensorial experience. Mixing modern architecture with nature creates the perfect place for people of all ages to spend time together and enjoy the simple things in life.

chicago waterfront

Navy Pier is boasting of fun activities ranging from cool rides, to shops and food spots where you can enjoy a fast lunch or an informal Sunday lunch with the whole family.

navy pier chicago

Skydeck can’t be missed. Such a stable place that no tourist would skip it, unless they are really afraid of heights. It’s a adrenaline grabbing observation deck at Willis Tower that gives you the best views. It’s all made of glass and it’s both terrifying and stunning at the same time. Try going at sunset because the light will just give more justice to the entire city. Trust me!

chicago skydeck

But you can’t say you’ve visited or lived in Chicago is you haven’t tried Deep-dish pizza. An original idea from the founders of Pizzeria Uno back in 1940. It’s a pizza meet pie mix that you will surely love.

Fond of Chicago yet?

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