Dressed In All Black

Dressed In All Black

Casual-Elegant mix in an all black look


Black is probably the first choice for so many people especially when it comes to prepping up a stylish look on the run. You don’t need to worry so much about mixing colors that might not match, thinking about the right right shoes and bag. You can just play with any textures and layers because black on black always looks awesome.

Dressed in all black for a stylish look that flatters your silhouette. Even if you are short, tall or you have extra kg, black helps you get the right look. With the right cut and line you can basically create your image as you want it to be.

Dressed In All Black

Dress: Here / Coat: Womansfashion /Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Dressed In All Black

Styling choices

For a day out with the girls, shopping or even a casual lunch, this look, dressed in all black could be a great option for such occasions.

I opted for a ruffled dress that can be styled for both a very elegant event or for a more casual one. Add a mesh long sleeved top underneath and you’ve got a bold look. Try it out with some combat boots and a leather jacket and you’ve got a rock chic  attire perfect for a concert.

Wear the dress with some stiletto heels or strappy sandals and a glittery clutch, and you’ve got yourself a retro inspired mix.

Don’t you think this is a super versatile dress? I might just even think of wearing it with some flared jeans and a big hat- hippie hippie time.

Dressed In All Black


Dressed In All Black

When you are dressed in all black you have the possibility to blend in, to fade into the crowd but at the same time, you can easily stand out because of your styling choice and not because of very bright choices. And what I love about this ruffled dress, is that when I get bored of 3 layers, I can easily cut one or two off and redesign the whole dress. On the same registry, I can sew another layer beneath to make a long cocktail dress with a dotted tulle underskirt or even a silky white fabric for a bold B&W attire.


Dressed In All Black


Dressed In All Black






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    MA bucur ca nu sunt singura, am o tona de zile in care ma imbrac toata in negru! Parul tau completeaza perfect tinuta!

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