What to Wear for a Music Festival

Long time no outfit post because it’s such a busy period. I promise to get back on track very soon.

Because Coachella is just around the corner and I bet everyone is look for inspiration on how to dress, maybe this look will give you an idea.

No Heels

Surely you will have to ditch the heels because they are not comfortable for walking on sandy ground or grass for that matter. Get some flat ankle boots or sneakers for a comfortable wear.

Boho Inspired

Fringes, fringes and more fringes. Yes, I love fringes and they will surely be present in so many stylish outfits during fashionable music festivals. Having them on your clothing items is pretty uncomfortable if you ask me, because I always end up ripping them in chairs, door etc. I prefer fringed accessories like thie super stylish bag I got from Anileda Alrac, custom made. Big enough to fit all my stuff but still pretty small and very edgy,


Hats, caps and other hair accessories that might just protect you from the warm sun. Its not a good idea to stand out in the sun without anything on. Take care and find a stylish hat to accessorize your outfit with.

Light Jackets

Even if it’s very warm outside, don’t forget about getting a lightweight jacket with you. You will feel the cold wind in the evening especially if you spent your day out in the sun.

Mixing textures

Because you can’t really stack up clothes during summer being so warm, try mixing textures for a cool look. Leather like fabrics, embossed textiles, crochet details and flowy chiffon dresses could be a starting point. Ripped jeans and sequins tops are always a great idea. Try adding some studded boots and a cowboy hat for a very cool mix. Got inspired yet?

Fast tips: Textures, comfortable clothing, hats & sunglasses, light jacket and comfortable shoes.

Stand out by adding cool accessories or with a fancy hairstyle.

How will you dress for Coachella?


Shirt-coat: Primark / Bag: AniledaAlrac/ Skirt: BADstyle / Hat:  Zara /Watch: Michael Kors

what to wear for a music festivalfedora hat urban army mix

army inspired look

fringed bag army inspired look


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