2019 autumn Skirts

If summer is all about casual shorts, for me, autumn is about skirts, tights and boots.

The transitional fashion season that’s between the warm and cold weather is my favorite( after summer) because of the styling possibilities, wearing both my favorite summer items and winter accessories.

From simple, warm looks to edgy layered styles that bring so many textures together creating the most perfect outfit.

When someone says autumn skirts, I think of tartan, wool and warm tones.

Most likely 2019 autumn skirts list includes a bit of leather, a bit of burgundy and some tartan prints. And because I am all about rewearing, revamping old pieces and trying new ways to add value to old items, I consider these old autumn skirts to be trendy this year too.

My top 2019 autumn skirts

The black leather skirt

This skirt will never get out of fashion. I have one that my mom wore about 20 years ago and it still looks as new. With the right care, the black leather skirt could be a top pick for years to come. From classy looks with lace tops and silk shirts, to more cocktail like attires with a sexy corset or just plain, casual outfits with boots or sneakers and a simple top. This type of skirt should be on your to buy list if you don’t own one yet. Invest in quality because it’s worth it.


The burgundy suede pencil skirt

This is actually a faux suede skirt and I prefer this option as it it very soft, body flattering and comfortable too. It looks perfect with knitted pullovers and Henley blouses for a super comfy and warm outfit. I prefer to wear it with ankle boots as it look better than with pumps or sneakers. But the styling possibilities are endless.

autumn skirt

The tartan school girl skirt

This makes me melancholic a bit because time flies so fast and I can’t even remember when I finished high school. Back then I used to wear trousers a lot and now I really regret not getting myself a tartan school uniform skirt. It was blue, green and yellow, and even if I would prefer it being black, grey and red, the combination looked pretty good. Now, I tend to wear such skirts with boots and warm cardigans only in autumn. Summers are reserved for denim shorts and sneakers.

tartan autumn skirt

The knitted wool skirt

This is kind of similar to thesuede skirt. It’s comfy, warm and has a lot of potential with the right texture. Be careful when picking such an autumn skirt as it might make you look like you gained some kg. Go for small knitted designs and avoid big , chunky volumes. Maybe you can try on some styles and see which flatters you most.

knitted autumn skirt

So which are your top 2019 autumn skirts?

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