Are you a beanie or a hat lady?

As the cold season is approaching, I for sure am searching for my winter accessories to bring back from the bottom of my closet, beanies and hats included.

From silk shawls, knitted scarves to mittens and gloves, all have a both functional and aesthetical feature in any outfit.

I am bias about beanies and hats, because I love both. I probably own more hats, but because really awesome beanies are harder to be found, rather than colored fedoras. My style is a mix of casual cool with a hint of glam rock so I think I can easily incorporate a beanie or a hat with almost anything in my wardrobe.

If I would have to pick between the two, I would pick hats rather than beanies as they are more versatile whne it comes to shifting between styles. But let’s see how they can influence your wardrobe this winter and which is the best pick for you.


beanie outfit

From the classic, simple knitted beanies to embellished fur pompons, crystal details and fancy trimmings, beanies have been present in the winter fashion scene for ages. Mostly from the functional point of view, but they also bring a bit of edge for casual urban looks.

If I’s really cold  outside, this would be my first choice. A simple knitted beanie in either black or burgundy with do the trick. If you are not a casual fashion fan, but you do accept the fact that beanies would be great on a cold winter, than you should most likely buy at least two.

knitted beanie outfit

One black one beige or another lighter color that matches your existing wardrobe. Neon is in this season, and I think I will get my orange beanie back from the dark side, but this trend is not for everyone. Try it only if you dare.


Hats are very versatile and not only for elegant outfits. I can shift from casual cool to office attire to cocktail appropriate styles and back to urban outfit with just a few difference in hat styles.

hat looks

I love fedoras, they are my favorite type, but panama and bowler hats are right behind it. I have a few hats in black, red, burgundy and fuchsia. These are my favorite colors when it comes to hats. I also own a few blue, beige, light pink that I wore on my engagement day and I recently bought a rusty orange on just to diversify my collection.

fedora hat

Hats to bring an extra dose of style to any simple outfit but there is indeed a downside. Hats don’t help on cold winter days. They might get destroyed if you keep them in snow for a long time and most styles will not keep your ears warm.

You can indeed try a work around and wear a scarf over your head and add the hat over it; it will look really cool, but in my case, I don’t find it very practical.

When it comes to hairdos…

Well, both of them will hurt your perfectly styled locks, but if I would have to say which might just ruin your hairstyle less, I would say a hat. You can choose your hat according to your hairstyle and make it work, plus you can wear it lightly on your head, whereas the beanie is most of the time really stretchy and will surely stay tight upon the head.

What’s your idea on this? My idea on this, if it’s cold pick a beanie and wait for s

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