2021 Fashion Resolutions

After a whole year spent in casual work clothes or even pajamas, it’s time to think about the next year’s fashion resolutions. 2021 will be the year we apply what we learned from 2020, a year with more gratitude, self awareness and balanced choices.

Buy less, wear more and try to think about at least 3 outfits for one piece of clothing.

denim shirt dresses

If you want to save up, make a wishlist and look at it daily, see if you still want that item so bad. If after one month you still want it, then think of at least 3 different outfits you can integrate it in. It’s easier to make wiser choices when you took the time to reconsider before spending.

casual set

How to better pick clothes?

Picking clothes sounds like an easy task, but if you really want to make smart choice, everything gets complicated. Timeless pieces that are high quality and won’t get out of style that easily aren’t always that easy to fit in the budget. If you have the opportunity, try them on, if you don’t , be sure to have a fast return option for them. Take your time and check very aspect, see how they fit, how they make you look and how you feel while wearing them. Try a dress with your favorite shoes to be sure they are a great match, don’t just buy on impulse because you might regret that later.

At least 3 outfits

Before you take your card out for the perfect dress, try to figure out at least 3 outfits that could be created around it. It would be great if they could also be different styles like casual, cocktail and elegant to be sure you can make the best of it. Short dresses like the one I am wearing here are perfect pieces. Just add or remove elements and you can easily created 3 different outfits for 3 different occasions. Be sure to get it in a fabric or texture that is not to pretentious or hard to clean.

short red dress
Red Dress

Fabrics that take the test of time

They don’t necessarily need to be very expensive but try picking natural fabrics that are comfy on the skin and if well washed and ironed; they will last a long time. Casual loungewear sets fashion is all about cotton and fine velvet for fancier sets. Wool if for jackets and coats and silk is for fancy dresses. This doesn’t mean that only these fabrics are good, but the point is that you need to try and look at tags when picking clothing. It’s essential to wear good fabrics for both you and the environment. Sustainable clothes are a bit more expensive, but not that much more that you can’t afford them.

loungewear set
Beige Loungewear set
loungewear sets
Loungewear sets

It’s all about the price tags

Not really. High quality fashion is usually more expensive but only if you want to invest in great pieces that last a lifetime, then pick something middle. Whether you want denim dresses or jackets, new jeans or some fun T-shirts, be sure to not pick the cheapest and probably not the most expensive as you are on a budget and saving up is important too. Go for mainstream fashion but be aware when you swipe the card.

denim shirt dress
Denim Shirt dress

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