5 Essential Rules for Bridesmaids

That magical day is fast-approaching, and you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid because of your treasured and long-standing relationship with the bride. You’ve planned and planned to make sure you hold up your end of the bargain on the wedding day; and yet, there always seems to be just that last thing to do. Don’t fret, however – the following rules for bridesmaids will help you make sure the essentials are handled correctly.

1. Don’t Fret About the Dress
You’re there to support the bride, remember? As such, your dress, although it should be appropriate, of course, shouldn’t be of any concern to you unless the actual bride raises an eyebrow and passes a comment about it.




It isn’t unheard of for a bridesmaid to pick an unfortunate dress for the event; but you can avoid this by perusing the Azazie inventory for the perfect wedding-wear. The assortment is impressive, and you can pick by color, cost, fabric, length, neckline and even silhouette.

2. Don’t Neglect Your Social Responsibilities
You are, essentially, a super-helper in the few days leading up to the wedding – especially if you’re the maid of honor – and during the wedding. That means you’ve got to start the party if it’s lagging and the dance floor is empty.
Even if means walking up to that groomsman that’s been eyeballing you all night, grabbing his hand, and leading him out to the dance floor. Don’t think too hard about; as groomsmen, they’re aware of their duties, as well – so don’t be surprised if they meet you halfway. Everyone else will pick up on your lead, and the festivities will begin!

3. Be Present and On Time

This might seem obvious because of the above two rules; however, showing up in a timely fashion is important enough to deserve its own rule. As the bridesmaid, you’re the wedding gal’s support system, and the amount of stress that your late arrival can induce could put her at her breaking point.
This, frankly, is one of those few events in life where you cannot be late. In fact; it’s bad form not to be there early; she’ll need your help with setting up the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and to simply lend her your ear. Together, all of you can bear the stress relatively easy.

4. Lightly “Police” the Gathering
This isn’t meant to sound ominous; it just means be on the lookout for small things that could potentially ruin the event. Is someone having a bit too much to drink? Work your social skills and maneuver that alcoholic uncle away from the wet bar.
Is there a groomsman out on the dance floor without a partner? Head on over and grab a short dance to loosen him up. Is the bride being chatted to death by an aunt or old friend? Read her escapist body language, and gently swoop in to take the attention off her. Keep your eyes open, and you’ll see when these kinds of things are starting to happen.

5. Arrive with an Open Wallet or Purse



Being a bridesmaid is not an inexpensive endeavor – never has been; never will be. As the pinnacle of the maiden’s honor, it’s often traditional that you pay for hair, makeup, shoes and help with a few other expenses. It will run you well into the hundreds of dollars.
Being a bridesmaid means that you are very dear to the bride; it is generally accepted that these costs, the emotional support you’ll provide, and your presence, are invaluable requests.

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