What Color Goes With Burgundy

Matching Burgundy


Burgundy is one of my favorite colors especially for autumn from basic clothing items, to shoes, bags, accessories and nail color. Even if this year Marsala isn’t a big thing anymore I will still wear it as a top trend.

When it come to matching colors I like to mix deep shades with pastels and vibrant colors for a cool contrast.

But then you might ask : What color goes with burgundy?

Khaki goes with burgundy very well. Both shades are dusty so I added a pop of color to balance the look. Pale orange and deep fuchsia embroideries and of course, my favorite fuchsia boots.

Talking about outerwear, this super cute jacket doesn’t keep me warm during cold days, it’s still a great outer layer over thick knitted pullovers or cardigans. I can’t wait for spring to be here so I can wear it with sleeveless tops and ripped shorts. The quality is really great even if the price would make you think differently.

Of course burgundy goes well with many other colors. Mix it with beige and white for a simple, neutral outfit. Go with black and leather textures for a rock chic look.

How about trying to go for a fancy mix. An ivory lace dress and a cool burgundy coat. Elegant, edgy and very cool. Add some leather or suede ankle boots to complete the look.

Basically, I would treat burgundy as black and match it accordingly. It’s easy to be creative and try many associations, then you can just see what looks better on you.


If you would ask me, I would surely buy almost anything in burgundy as long as they have a nice texture. Leather, felt, suede, fur or a wax finish. I think a beautiful texture would just complete the luxurious image of burgundy as a color. It speaks elegance, royalty and fine taste. Burgundy lace or sequins  for really special events especially in winter when this deep shade looks amazing on a simple white background.

Agree or disagree? In your opinion what color goes with burgundy?



embroidered military jacket


Jacket: Here/ Sunglasses: Dior /Skirt: B.A.D. style /Boots: Custom made

khaki embroidered coat

burgundy suede skirt

What Color Goes With Burgundy

matching burgundy with khaki


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