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Talking about getting back in shape might feel like someone just grabbed all your money from your secret pocket, but it shouldn’t be like that. If you do want to invest money in something while making your strategy, how about spending more money on good food so that you set up a healthy diet?

Splurge on health and save on stylish gym clothes that you can get for a real bargain price.

Cool bustier tops that you might want to wear under a loose top until you lose some weight and get your sixpack going. They need to be comfortable, they should sustain your breasts and of course, be stylish. Go for color blocking designs and make sure they match other clothes you already use for going to gym.


gym top

Affordable bustier tops

Leggings, track-pants or shorts you name it! No matter what you choose to wear, try finding something that fits your body and looks good. Shorts while you still have >10 kg over? Not such a great idea even if you feel great wearing them. Go for something slimming like yoga-pants, simple track-pants or plain leggings. After you lost the weight you wanted, you could surely experiment with lighter colors, textures and intricate splicing details.

gym bottoms


Gym sets are the perfect choice if you don’t really know how to match the items you buy. For a simple, clean-crisp look, go for neutral colors and plain contrasts. Try several designs and see how they look on you, they might not do justice to the summer body you’ve been working on for a while now. Track suits are very popular even today, so if you go for a simple suits, try something contrasting underneath like a mesh splicing top or a vivid colored bustier.

affordable gym clothes

Gym sets

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