Everything You Need To Know About Custom Engagement Rings

Everything You Need To Know About Custom Engagement Rings

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You and your girlfriend have gotten to that point. You know the one where you’ve begun to look at rings. The problem is they all look the same or close to it. Don’t worry, your solution is easy, consider buying a bespoke engagement ring, otherwise known as a custom engagement ring. With a custom-designed ring, you’ll work with a designer to create a ring that’s every bit as special and unique as your relationship is. As you begin this process, you’ll notice that’s just the first benefit, and there are many advantages to choosing a custom engagement ring.


  • It eliminates the stress of ring shopping. – Ring shopping often becomes overwhelming looking at hundreds of designs, only to become frustrated because she doesn’t like any of them or they just aren’t special enough. With custom, you can combine the aspects you liked into one ring.
  • It’s unique and sentimental. – You can personalize it to symbolize your own “unique” relationship, and as an added bonus, your fiancé will be pleased and impressed that her ring isn’t a cookie cutter version like of her friends. Many couples design the ring together, and it’s a romantic and bonding experience in itself.
  • You’re involved in the entire process. – While you’re working with a jewellery specialist, you and your fiancé still have a great deal of input. You suggest ideas of photos or even offer a preliminary sketch of what you’d like. This way, you’re able to add aspects like mixed metals, a specific prong or setting, or even a rare diamond shape.
  • Designers work with you. – Skilled jewellery designers work together with you to learn about the vision you have for your ring and do their best to make it happen. They keep your budget in check when offering ideas, and they may even suggest alternatives to keep it more affordable. Their goal is to create a ring that speaks to you and not just collect a commission.
  • Better quality – Many chain jewellery stores sell rings that are mass-produced or factory made so when you choose a local jeweller, you often get higher-quality, original pieces. By sampling their work, you’ll be able to tell the difference when jewellery is hand-crafted right on-site. By actually choosing a bespoke engagement ring, the designer will not only give their personalized attention but high-quality diamonds and gemstones, as well as your choice of gold or platinum bands. Ringleaders provide custom jewellery in Brisbane so check out their selection soon.
  • You’re in charge of the cost. – While a custom engagement ring may cost more, it isn’t always the case. You’re in control because the cost totally depends on which details and materials you use. For example, sometimes you can get a better deal if you purchase a diamond just shy of a carat versus an actual carat weight. Likewise, sometimes opting for better clarity or cut over carat weight works as the diamond will still shine beautifully. If you have a larger budget, you can add details like intricate filigree, etching or two-tone metals.
  • It’s easier to purchase custom engagement rings and wedding bands from the same place. – If you decide to get a custom ring and you want your wedding bands to complement them, it’s often recommended to buy them at the same jeweller. This way, the designer will already know your preferred style.

If you’re old-fashioned and want to propose with an actual ring, ask your jeweller for a “placeholder ring” or temporary ring, and then bring her in where you’ll design her actual engagement ring together.

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