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Stylish rucksacks looks for every day

Comfy is the new sexy and these backpack outfit ideas you will love! Fashion is finally more about feeling good, being comfortable than exaggerating with over the edge couture pieces that draw attention. And I have to say that this makes me very happy because comfortable clothes is what I am for when buying new items and also when styling an outfit.

Backpack outfit ideas have gone through my mind for the past years because recently I have been travelling a lot and I always opt for my backpacks as the only bag types I opt for.

I can’t say I own many backpacks, but the few I have are very practical and spacious enough for the items I need to carry along with me. And even if it’s a cliché probably, since the baby came, I need my hands free, so a backpack is the perfect piece of accessory.

If you have been following my blog for some time now, you might have noticed that my style is more casual, urban chic with a touch of rock’n roll and besides the all time favorite white sneakers outfits, I also love anything that involves studded boots or leather backpacks.

Backpacks are not only for school girls anymore, and you don’t need to go preppy in order to incorporate a backpack into you day to day looks.

To get you inspired, I will share some of my favorite backpack outfit ideas with you.

Edgy rock and roll

This mix is for autumn, but changing the sweater with an open shoulder top will do the trick for the hot season.  A leather skirt, edgy boots and that quilted backpack that I can’t get enough of.

rucksack outfit

Airport look

Comfy, chic and very practical. This airport look is the what you need when travelling. Sneakers, skinny jeans, a T-shirt and a lightweight  jacket just in case it gets chilly, and of course, a smartwatch to be up to date with everything.  This is actually the backpack I use when travelling almost every time. Its spacious and I can fit everything in it.

airport look

Sporty chic

The armadillo mini backpack that I can convert into a belt bag or shoulder bag is the latest addition to my wardrobe. Even if it’s very small, I can fit the essentials I need.  Too small for travelling but just the right size for a music festival.

backpack outfit

Boyfriend jeans look

A bit more edgy but still easy to convert into a much more comfortable look in a few minutes.

High heels, boyfriend jeans, an open back top and this cute red backpack.I had this backpack for a few years now but it’s not that practical. It doesn’t tie that well and I am always fearing that everything will drop out of it. Still, It can easily be matched to so many style.

backpack outfit

The convertible backpack

I really loved this bag even if the quality was not that great. I wore it for a few years but it eventually tore apart. Of course it was my fault also because I carried much stuff with it but I wished the quality was better. I always said I will search for another one just like it but never found it again. Back to school is what inspired me to create the look. Like it?

Heels are never too high

I agree but still I wishthey were more comfortable because these Choos are killing me. I always loved the idea of a cool mix like this one with high heels and a backpack. If I would style it again, I wouold pick my Rebecca Minkoff Love Backpack instead of this one because I feel it looks better. I didn’t have it back then so I matched it with the silver one which is really spacious.

backpack outfit

These are just some of my backpack outfit ideas that might inspire you. Which is your favorite?


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