Baked chicken thighs with oranges and garlic

You know that recipe you always make and it turns out great every time without much effort? Well this is one of my favorite recipes to make whenever we have guests over because it’s easy, fast and super delicious, as they say.

Yes, I do not eat meat for more than 12 years, but I do cook it for my family and I have some super yummy recipes that I want to share with you.

This baked chicken thighs recipe is one of the first I have ever tried when I was a teenager. It was a success since the first try so you should indeed try it even if you are not so skilled in the kitchen.

The first thing to keep in mind when cooking meat is the source you buy it from. Be sure to get healthy meat, bought from the butcher’s shop because  most of the time it’s more fresh there. I remember that when we were in Miami everyone talked about a well know place where to get fresh meat, Butcher Shop Sarasota. So be sure to search for the best place to get the eat from, in your area of course.

So what you need is a good pot that you can put in the oven. I have some from Tefal that have detachable handles so I can use them as pans or trays. Best investment ever!

The recipe will turn out better if you let it sit overnight in the marinade, so you might want to prepare a day in advance.


·         500 gr of boneless chicken thighs

·         2 oranges, bloody are better

·         4-5 cloves of garlic

·         red paprika

·         red bell pepper

·         1 spoon of honey

·         2 spoons of olive oil

·         salt & pepper

·         chilly flakes

If you don’t like the extra fat on the chicken, start by cutting it off. I do that every time.

The, squeeze the juice out of the orange, peel and crush the garlic, add the honey, olive oil, salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Mix well.

Then put the chicken thighs in a pot and add the mixture over them. Put a lid on and let everything sit overnight in the freezer.

The next day, take the pot out and let it get to room temperature. Preheat the over at 220C.

Dice the bell pepper and add it over the meat together with the red paprika.

Put it in the oven and bake until it get a caramel tan and the meat is soft. In my oven it takes about 45 min for this to be done, but it does depend on the type of oven you use so just check the meat to be sure you do not burn it before your guests arrive.

I love to serve this dish with some steamed potatoes with butter and a big arugula salad with parmesan cheese and cherry tomatoes.

For desert, of course my famous cheesecake that all my guests love.

What are your secret recipes that always turn out perfect and where do you get fresh fruits, veggies and meat?

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