Must Have Items for 2019

What to keep and what to buy this year.

We all know that there are some staple items we all own and love, but there are some other trendy pieces that come and go. Surely this depends on your personal style too because you will wear whatever you like, not only the super trendy fashionable pieces. At least in my case. I love adopting trends, but I also try to make them fit my personal style. Not everything looks great on everyone, but that’s fine, because this way we are all unique.

The little black, the sweater dress, the skinny and flared jeans, the leather jacket and white sneakers, these are all staple pieces we all have in our closets, at least many of us if not all. Generally, we search for women’s dresses when we want to refresh our wardrobe, but we shouldn’t stick just to that. Keep reading and get inspired.

But what do we keep and what do we buy in 2019?

Trying to keep your savings and spend as little money as possible, you need to make elaborate lists of what you would like, what you need and what you want so that you won’t spend money on the exact wrong things instead of focusing on your actual favorite pieces. Search for sale items or boutiques that have great price all year long.Try smart shopping and don’t buy on impulse.

To make things easier, I added few of the iconic items you need to won in 2019.

The red dress

This is just like the little black dress, but in a more bold version. You need to know that this will make you stand out and if you are really shy, this would not be the best option for your. It’s sexy, elegant and yet a bit more edgy that the LBD. I would say this is my top pick when going out rather than the black dress.

The simple way to style it is picking the right shoes. Nude or leopard print would be my suggestions in order to get a simple yet classy look. The ruched details make it even more elegant, but that doesn’t mean it needs anything extra to complete the look.

Do you own a any red dresses? No?! They you would need to get one.

heart shaped clutch
red dress outfit

Red dress

The ovesized top

This is more of an edgy approach for a casual look. I love the top since day 1. It’s simple, yet very edgy. If you have a flat stomach, you can easily style it with some boyfriend or skinny jeans. I chose leather shorts because they also are staple pieces. Easy to mix and match especially when it comes to casual. music frestival events or just a more bold attire when going to a club. I paired it up with some high heeled ankle boots buy I think it would look as great with black sneakers.

leather shorts outfit
leather shorts outfit
leather shorts outfit

Snake skin Top

The beige pullover

A beige pullover is something we keep in our closets for just in case situations. Like you are just going out the door and you remeber that you forgot to wash that oone bouse you wanted to wear so then you find this beaige sweater. It’s a more short or crop version, but that leaves a lot of room for styling. I picked a sleveless top to wear underneath but it looked really nice actually.

The leather leggings

Paired up with the beige sweater, the leather look leggings give you a rock and roll look without too much effort. They are very comfy and yet chic. But keep in mind that if your legs are not perfect, the texture of the product might make cellulite look even worse that it actually is. Extra tip: try wearing some plain stockings underneath so the cellulite doesn’t show that much. I will surely wear them during spring and summer with some platform sneakers and a simple top, just to be sure it get’s the right amount of appreciation it needs

leather look leggings
leather look leggings

Leather look leggings / Beige pullover

fedora hat
pravana vivida colors

The fedora hat is something I also wanted to include even if it’s an accessory. The hat would instantly change the way you look, but maybe in a good way. I used to not wear hats at all, but then I found the perfect one and I have never forgotten about incorporating hats since then.

What your secret for staple pieces of clothing?

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