Brands and Sales – Then and Now

Fashion is really everywhere right now, especially if you compare with a few decades ago.

I remember that being a teen it wasn’t as imperative as now to be super trendy, and what is more different now is the fact that people focus so much on buying brands.

I will admit it! I do love brands myself, but I tend to be more cautious on spending too much on items I know I can get for less.

While brands are important to me, owning  the items as fast as they end up in store is not a priority.

As a teenager I loved Adidas, and still do. I was a devoted fan and wouldn’t pick any other sneakers to wear. I got my first pair of Adidas Superstars when I was in high-school, and I remember how special I felt wearing them. Such a statement piece of footwear that is still as cool. I always have at least one pair of Adidas Superstar in my closet, and when one wares of, I go order a new one.

adidas superstar

From casual, to street and even sporty-luxe looks can easily be styled with a pair of classic Adidas Superstar sneakers. I wear them with skinny jeans, sequined skirts, T-shirt dresses and tailored pants for a modern approach to office wear on a casual Friday.

 I prefer owning a few fashion sneakers  that I can spin around in outfits so that they would last longer. This is both a style and a budget strategy that works for me pretty well. I invest in high quality footwear that I find on sale. Sales are the best time to refresh and add the missing pieces to your wardrobe. Adidas Black Friday deals are almost unbeatable so why not take advantage of the opportunity.

adidas supertstar
adidas sneakers

The best deal I have ever made was paying just 1$ for a pair of new sports shoes. My then boyfriend, now husband bought himself a 25$ pair of Reeboks and the second pair would have been 1$, so I had to sacrifice myself and give him a hand in finding myself a gift. How convenient, right? Another deal I made online was looking for sportswear but ending up in buying a leather jacket. The price was just 13$ so I never thought it could ever be real leather. But my surprise was so much bigger when the parcel finally came. The leather jacket was actually made of real leather. How cool is that?

But if Black Friday is so cool, how do you restrain yourself from buying too much?

Make lists with things you want, one with things you might like to have(but are tool expensive) and one with things you would actually need. Like you are going to Gym but your Adidas shoes are not as cool as before.

Create a realistic budget and stick to it so that you won’t regret buying anything.

What do I want for Black Friday this year?

A pair of Adidas Sleek shoes

A pair of Dr. Martens Sinclair

A cool backpack

And new training gear from Adidas.

A red toaster

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