DIY Home Redesign

For those of you who know me very well this will not come as a shock anymore. For all the others, you might think that I am a bit crazy.

I am continuing to do home improvements to the extent that I take days off work to stay home and finish some of the projects we started around the house.

Today I finished mounting wooden floors in the last room, so the living room and kitchen are about done. I still need to acquire a new sofa, but I am very picky and I do want it to last and also get a design and color that matches the existing setting.

I don’t know about you, but home remodeling does have a certain relaxing mood to it. After working my ass off, I take a second and acknowledge what I achieved. The idea for the wooden floors  instead of the ceramic tiles we had was that it looks cleaner, it’s easier to keep it looking tidy and it also gives a lot of depth and brightness to the whole look because I picked a light color for it.

Do it on your own?

Surely it is important to ask for professional services from an interior designer, but there are so many ideas and tutorials on the web, that I think it’s not worth the money at this time.  I always do my research and try to foresee all the mistakes & problems that might occur so I could minimize the effect on the long term. And until now, I managed to plan and create pretty beautiful and well built interior design for most of the rooms in our house, but I know people that wouldn’t trust themselves  in doing this on their own.

As far as my favorite remodeled room may concern, I love my desk and dressing room, but I guess the most original design I’ve ever made was for the bathroom.

Shower or tub?

The idea was to take the old tub out and opt for a built in shower. I’ve seen so many kohler luxstone shower designs that I fell in love instantly especially at Lafayette. The only problem was that we didn’t have space to add also a tub in that bathroom as it would have been a bit complicated to bath the baby into the shower rather than a simple tub. So we stuck to the old version, but then we wanted something different. We used ceramic tiles that gave the impression of mosaic tiles, but much cheaper. And the highlight of the bathroom remodelling was actually the copper tubes we added around the mirror and bath tub ares. All the other metallic accessories were bronze-copper to match the decorative pipes.

But before you start anything, you should check this list and if you asked yourself any of these questions before taking decisions:

  • Practical or just beautiful?
  • Is it worth paying for( long lasting, high quality, unique etc)?
  • Is it too modern & unique to still be cool in more than 5 years from now?
  • Does the option you went for fit within your initial budget?
  • Can you clean everything easily?

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