DIY Henna Tattoo

Simple Henna Hand Design

I started doing henna designs about a year ago and I got really great feedback. People started asking me where I got it made, if it’s complicated to do it on themselves, or where I bought henna from.

So I guess a DIY  Henna Tattoo clip would be the best  starting point in answering a few of these questions.


I buy henna from different online shops. Here is one of them :

As far as designs are concerned, I get inspired but I never tried to make the same design 1:1. I tend to improvise on the way.

Here are some of the designs I tried out on myself and others.

henna hand tattoo

henna hand design


simple henna design


I know there are several colors for henna paste but I used only black and I also recently got a red henna colored cone, which is a traditional color.

I find it very simple to draw even on yourself, and it lasts long enough not to get bored of it.

If you want a longer lasting design that looks like a real tattoo, you should try this special Ink I talked about here.

Here is a short clip I made during the latest design I drew on myself. Do you like it?

diy henna tattoo

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