Clothing Stores – How women shop

Online or offline shopping?


As fast as fashion trend shift from one season to another, shopping behavior changes especially when it comes women buying clothing.


If a few years ago I would see myself searching through piles of clothes and accessories on sale, hopping from store to store in the search for the perfect timeless pieces you need to get while discounted. I am sure that wasn’t just me, but probably all of you that are reading this article right now.

Women clothing shopping has gone from offline to online as fast as you can say .com.  I can’t even pin point when everything changed, but I do know I wouldn’t take back time when it comes to this.

I am sure each and everyone of you have a different opinion on how you prefer shopping sessions, but here’s my view on this matter.

Picking your way of shopping in clothing stores

Advantages of buying online

  • subscribe to your favorite stores and find out about great deals first.
  • compare prices and find the best offer for the items you need or want
  • no need to go through traffic for shopping
  • you can buy your favorite items at any time of day or night
  • you have access to shops and brands that might not have a brick and mortar store in your town or even in your country
  • you could get personalized advice from experts for free and you do not have to be friendly to staff members
  • no more standing in line

Advantages of buying offline

  • being able to touch the fabrics and feel the textures
  • trying on clothes to see what fits or if a style look great on you or not
  • no need to wait for the courier, you just take it home with you
  • if they have small defects and you can fix them, you might be able to get an extra discount for your favorite items
  • it could be a nice therapy for you and your bff

clothing store

IF you draw a line between the two, you might notice there are more advantages for shopping online, but I could count on both hands how many of my acquaintances prefer shopping offline rather than online. And the reason is that they can touch the fabric and try the clothes on.

Still, I believe that you can always send them back if you don’t like them, so why go into all that hassle with offline shopping?

What do you prefer?


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