The Fedora

The Hat – Always a bad hair day saver

I haven’t worn hats for years because I had the impression that they would make me look shorter than I actually am, which is wrong. Then one day I tried a cool fedora hat and since then I started collecting them, by now counting around 40 pieces.

In the meanwhile, I picked out different types of hats, from bowlers, fedora hats, matador hats and many more, but still, the most versatile remains the fedora hat.

Why is the fedora so versatile?

I wear it with jeans, dresses and shorts during summer. It’s easy to mix and match and I believe that it also enhances my features.

But the biggest advantage of owning a fedora hat, is that it saves you when you need it the most. A bad hair day could be saved in the most stylish way by adding a cute hat to your day to day outfit. For extra sleekness, use a hair oil for your ends and the whole hairstyle will look much more fresh and clean. No one will know that you didn’t have the time to wash or style your hair properly before going out the door.


If I haven’t convinced you yet, maybe these great prices will make you change your mind and start investing in this super versatile accessory.

The Fedora The Fedora











The Fedora


The Fedora The Fedora




The Fedora


To get your imagination working, I picked out some interesting looks for inspiration. From super casual beach looks, going to college or festival outfits to super fancy attires that call for a limousine. It all depends on your personal style and how a fedora hat could be incorporated in your existing wardrobe, because it surely can be. You don’t need to make big changes, but just maybe some research to find the right direction for you.

how to wear a hat

Tips on how to wear fedora hats

Fedora hats are mostly associated with boho inspired festival looks, but that’s no rule.

First time buying fedora hats:

  • Pick a neutral color you can wear with many of your favorite items
  • Try several sizes on and see which is perfect. Some are adjustable but keep in mind you need it to be snug.
  • See if you want a floppy brim or a sewed hemline. One is much more stiff than the other. In my opinion the stiff one looks much more elegant, but maybe it’s just me.
  • To get a more original look, add some of your own accessories like brooches, metallic chains or leather studded bands.

fedora hat


black fedora


green suede fedora


boho fedora


black fedora

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