DIY Easter Table Arrangement

How to prep up a chic table arrangement in just a few minutes?


Iulius Mall Timisoara gave us a small challenge, setting up a creative Easter table arrangement using the kit we were assigned with.

Because less is more, I didn’t want to overcrowd the whole setting so I didn’t decorate any details on the items I got.

So I tried to add color through food, flowers and Easter eggs. My secret word was “lines”. I used lines in my marbled eggs. If you haven’t seen the tutorial yet, you might just want to have a look now.

russian pipping tips cupcake design

I have seen so many beautiful cupcake designs on Pinterest recently so I went and got myself some of those famous Russian pipping tips which are absolutely fantastic. still, I think my whipping cream wasn’t to stiff enough because the flowers didn’t actually turn out as I thought they would The first few flowers came out ok then they just pipped out ordinary. I will surely try again, but maybe you have some tips for me. Have you used them before?

Many of you asked me what were those eggs filled with? Well, it’s a delicious cream made with avocado. I will post the recipe in a future post, I promise. They are very healthy, low fat, yummy and beautiful I might say. I used them as a decoration in this whole Easter setting but the bunnies didn’t actually turn out as I wanted them to. Still I think they look quite ok.

Now back to lunch with the whole family!

I hope you will enjoy your holidays with the loved ones and that Easter Bunny got you the presents you wanted!

Happy Easter dears!


diy easter arrangement

marbled easter eggs


diy easter arrangement

diy easter arrangement


avocado deviled eggs

diy easter arrangement



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