Taking the Guesswork out of Men’s Wedding Gifts

The season for weddings has come, and you may even be involved in one yourself! If you are part of the wedding party or are just going to the event as a guest, then you are probably thinking about what you should give as a wedding present. We all know that there are certain taboos and customs for such grand occasions, but if you are totally at a loss as to what to give, then keep calm and give these tips and hints a quick read. Wedding gifts for men don’t have to be a huge puzzle to figure out. Check out these helpful guidelines so that you can focus instead on enjoying this special moment!

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Bring on the Bubbly


Hey, you really can’t go wrong with some alcohol, right? Even a wine or beer-related gift can be a great way to present the groom or groomsman with something that is well thought out yet still fun. Since many weddings involve opening up a bottle of champagne or wine, there is nothing wrong with presenting the groom with a wine corkscrew, bottle opener, or maybe even some coasters to keep things nice and elegant. You could also gift a bottle of his favorite wine or liquor. Perhaps he is a fan of scotch or Irish whiskey? To make an elegant presentation, try tying a fancy ribbon around the gift and be sure to include a heartfelt card with a personalized message.

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Add a Personal Touch


Speaking of personal messages, there are unique wedding gifts for men that include some personalization and customization. For example, you can think about the groomsman’s hobbies and use that as a basis for what you want to give him. Perhaps he is more of an intellectual; in that case you can get him a monogrammed fountain pen, some stationery, or a watch. For the guy who always seems to look put together, how about some charming cufflinks to match his interests? And then if you have a friend who is an outdoorsy type, you can try getting him a pocket knife, a compass, or a multi-purpose accessory. You see, with just a little extra thought, you can really make it look as though you went the extra mile for him.

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Just Have Some Fun
Finally, weddings can be so prim and proper sometimes that it is nice to just kick back and have some fun. So you may want to check out wedding gifts for men that show a more light-hearted side. Some nice examples of this include printed signs and plaques that reflect the groom. These are also fun to hang in the basement, living room, or den and they can be a great conversation starter. Other cool ideas include accessories for the kitchen, backyard, or “man cave.” Do not be afraid to let your imagination run wild; depending on your friend, a not-so-serious gift could be just the ticket.

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