Food Bloggers – Why people love them

There are so many types of influencers and bloggers, different niches and sub-niches to fit the needs of everyone. But there are some bloggers that everyone loves, that everyone searches for them. Those types of bloggers are really sought for because they are indispensable on a day to day basis.
Know what I am talking about? Food bloggers of course.

Why everyone loves to read food bloggers

Most probably every food blogger nowadays has a Youtube channel, but watching a video may just be time consuming sometimes so most people prefer reading a recipe rather than watching a video. It’s easy because you can just print-screen with the ingredients and go shopping, then just simply browse the recipe right on your phone. Videos are great too because they offer explicit details for those who prefer cooking with visuals.

First there were recipe books, then blogs and vlogs appeared.

But who searches for so many recipes? Is there an ongoing demand for such topics?
Yes! Not everyone, but a big percentage of people of all ages cook. Whether it’s a hobby and they like experimenting, they need to follow a certain diet, the want to cook great meals for their family, they maybe want to put some money aside or they just love to bake cookies and other treats once in a while, food bloggers send out the best content for such a demand.
People prefer searching online for recipes because it’s a more effective way to find great recipes, info about cooking in general and many other tips without needing to fill up a whole library of different books just for a day’s meal.

food blog recipes
food bloggers

A practical example would be a Valentine’s Day dinner or a small party for your co-workers to celebrate a number of years working together. You will want to make diverse appetizers, first course, second course maybe a third or at least something sweet. Maybe you want to prepare some kind of cocktails or beer mixtures which you would also want to search for ways to make them. Then you might not get the result you wanted with the main course. Maybe something went wrong and you need to search for ways to fix it and not throwing it away. There are tons of tips and tricks for fast fixes, but you would need a ton of books for every situation alone. Best place to search for something like that? Food and drinks
or even beer influencers.

beer bloggers

Why Food bloggers & influencers got so much hype?

They filled out a need. We eat daily and most of the time, we cook daily. But we don’t have the time to browse books in the search of an appealing yet fast recipe. What do we do? We reach out to friends for suggestions, what they tried and tasted great. Rarely we search for chef’s recipes and other specialties.

Why? Because most of us are not that professional when it comes to cooking. We need people to relate too and food bloggers are exactly those “friends”that are passionate about cooking, that try recipes, fail and then give you all the advice you need to create the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can bake a cake and convince you too try it because he could and he’s just like you, not a baker not a chef.

drink recipes
food blog recipes

Food bloggers and beer influencers always have a good story about the recipe so if you have the time and read the intro, it’s like getting an extra from that all. A beautiful story to get you acquainted with the food that you will try. It will make you create your own beautiful memories that will tie themselves to that specific course of meal.

drink recipes

Food bloggers create fairy-tales with a touch of salt and pepper and that’s why everyone loves them.

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