What to Wear Skiing

apres Some wait the entire year to go to the mountains but don’t know what to wear skiing, while others prefer going to the beach where there is less to wear. I prefer hot summer days opposed to cold winter days even if I admit I’d love to try learning to glide with the snowboard.

My first attempt was a disaster. I was dressed in jeans, a warm sweater and an aviator jacket. So much for a snowboarding outfit… But it was a short, easy slope with artificial snow, so I’d figure I could get away with the look.

It was my first time on the board ( I don’t ski either…), but I thought it can’t be so difficult. I can roller-skate, I like skateboarding too, so I’d manage.

Yeah right… 2 seconds up on the board, then down on my ass. Up again and down I went. The bruises healed only after 2-3 months. I had a purple ass and knees. What did I learn from that? Equipment is very important! Also, nothing is as easy as it seems, not even picking the right outfit in some situations.

So what to wear skiing?

skiing weather

Appropriate gear!

  • ski bibs or trousers
  • a very warm ski jacket
  • very warm socks, not thick but special ski socks
  • warm, long underwear. This would be a very important thermal layers. Leggings and a thermal sleeveless top.
  • If it’s really cold, go for a warm fleece jacket just under your ski jacket

Then we can talk about necessary accessories and how to make them help us create a beautiful look.

When going skiing, it’s important to stay safe and warm first. How fashionable you can style your outfits depends on your abilities to pick the right items that would both look good on you and match everything else.

what to wear skiing

What accessories to wear when skiing?

  • googles – pick oversized, bright colored glasses. These will get you notice for both your safety and they will make you look fashionable too.
  • gloves. They are as important as googles. But while googles keep other people safe as well, gloves just keep you warm. Go for bold looks and maybe some awesome prints on them.
  • a warm scarf. It would be a nice idea to get a circular scarf just because it will not go far away from the neck. Make sure it somehow matches your gloves and maybe googles.
  • Safety first, style later. Wear a helmet especially if you are just starting out or are going to try some extreme tricks. There are some really beautiful designs so don’t be afraid of wearing one.
  • Bandannas worn over your mouth like a rebel statement but they are helpful if the wind is very strong or if it’s very very cold. There are also special accessories you could wear for this, but a fun colorful bandanna would do the trick too and you don’t need to invest anything as you probably own one already.

Apres-ski party outfit

Most of the time you will not have to much time to get yoursef dressed so try to improvise with what you are already wearing. A bib rolled down with a crop top or a cool printed bodysuit is the thing to go for. Do some salty waves to your hair and maybe add a knitted headband too. Focus on accessories and go for bracelet layering or some big earrings. Moon Boots are must haves when we are talking about apres-ski. Bold colors or just wet look finishes are ideal, but even the plain design will sweetly complete the whole look.

apres ski outfit
source: Pinterest
apres ski outfit
quilted ski suits
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apres ski look
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If you are not in the mood of wearing your skiing clothing to the party, try wet look leggings and a chunky knitted pullover with an open shoulder. Pull your hair up into a ponytail and wear some high ugg boots and knitted elbow length gloves.

apres ski party outfit
source: Pinterest
apres ski outfit
source: Pinterest

For a fashion statement, try a knitted dress with cool stockings. Over the knee boots, but no heels. Try to keep it comfy and cosy. A fur vest and a big scarf might just do the trick for a more girly outfit at the party.

dress apres ski outfit
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what to wear skiing
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