From Grunge to Elegant

If you thought you might need to stick to only one style, you were so wrong.

Some people say that you need to find your style and keep it without trying anything that might be too different. Indeed, there are women that can go just for one style without  wanting something new. But there are many others that like to try on a new thing from time to time and that’s what I vouch for.

My general style is casual, with jeans and sneakers for a day to day look, but I generally add some rock ‘n’roll to any outfit. A bit of black, leather, studs or just a cool message to spice things up.

Even if I like to stick to my own kind of outfits, sometimes I feel like I want to try something new. Either it is a whole new style or just some elements to incorporate into the outfits I go for on a day to day basis.

utility shorts and cardigan dress
statement tshirt
cardigan dress
utility shorts fashion

From grunge cool to lady like in just a second.

I can sport utility shorts with net stockings and then go for a more elegant yet edgy mix with high waist trousers and high heels. I feel both styles flatter me but I would any day go for the shorts look as a top favorite between the two.

Utility fashion is hyped this season. From cargo pants to tracksuits or just cool shorts to go with a crop top. I opted for a pair or pocketed black shorts that have the best cut. A cute printed T-shirt with a message that says so much. The best piece I kept for last. The denim cardigan is actually  a dress. You know how much I love to wear buttoned down dresses as cardigans and this is probably the third piece I get specially to wear it as a cardigan and not as a dress. Boots go well with utility fashion and high platform sneakers as well too, but it depends on personal taste.

pink pants

High waisted trousers are really cool right now, but I feel that not every cut flatters me that well. This one is really beautiful and I do live the side split. I also have a pair in red with a front split that looks very good as well. This kind of trousers, even if they look very elegant, they are actually so easy to mix and match with many styles. I would also try them with a fun T-shirt and some sneakers or maybe a leather crop top and a pair of combat boots to go with.

hot pink trousers
high waist trousers
femmeluxe trousers

Either way, if should want to find the best style for you, but don’t be afraid to try anything new just because you think it won’t flatter you. Everything is adaptable and you would start with that point in your mind. If you love trends, try not to copy exactly as they are shown on the catwalk because you won’t look like that. Try to add elements that fit your existing wardrobe rather than copy paste.

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