Green Winter Fashion

You know that sweater you got from granny last Christmas and never knew how to wear it? Now here’s an idea to style it so that you won’t think of it as just that ugly Christmas Sweater, without the reindeer and snowman of course.

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Sweater / Boots / Skirt

The green sweater is widely associated with the holiday season along with his famous sister, the red sweater. And I won’t even start at why this association first started because it’s is too obvious of course.

Let’s just see how we can turn an ugly Christmas sweater into one that’s not only accepted in a stylish look, but also adored. I know that after finding this cute combo I won’t be looking at this sweater the same again.

So how can you create an interesting look with a plain, slouchy, knitted sweater? Just add some texture and play with the volume.

ugly christmas sweater
green winter sweater

Basic tips on how to style a winter sweater

  • balance the volumes of the main pieces of clothing
  • layer and associated textures for a creative mix
  • use less colors but bet on similar shades combined together
  • be creative and have fun 🙂

You know I always talk about volume and textures because I rarely wear prints and these are the ingredients I love to mix in order to create a fun look that looks balanced but at the same time interesting.

From ugly to cool – the winter sweater got a makeover

In this case I opted for a burgundy suede skirt that you might have seen me wearing with the fuchsia ankle boots. The mix is contrasting in colors and it makes the look pop. For the other elements, like shoes, backpack, beanie and sunglasses, I went for the same color scheme to make sure I don’t make it too extravagant because it is only a green winter sweater we are talking about here. The chunky lacquer combat boots are probably my favs in winter, you already noticed, I ‘m sure. They give any simple look such a cool vibe!

winter sweater

Now talking about volume. I opted for a fitted mini skirt and not a flare one. Why? Basically because I am short and this sweater is slouchy and kind of long. almost a mini dress for me. If it were a bit shorter, I could have went for a skater skirt and some high boots, but maybe I will just shorten it and see how that would look.

Don’t know about you but I had enough of winter this year and I can’t wait for spring. But until then, brace yourselves because I will have another snowy outfit post soon. And Yes, it features chunky sweaters.

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  1. Your hair looks incredible contrasting against the emerald green jumper. Your colour blocking here is fabulous babe!! x

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