Haircolors You Need to Try this Autumn

If Spring was all about putting your hair up in cool braids, autumn is for letting your hair back down and highlighting your colors.

So you may ask: which are the trending haircolors for this autumn?

Haircolor Trends for Autumn 2017

silk base lace wigs

We can see different ideas on what your hair should look like this season  but we can’t simply get passed rusty shades and natural hues that catch the Fall light so well.

Ombre is still hip even if the trend had it’s peak a few years ago, it still gets reinterpreted every other season. From dusky colors to rich natural hues, you have tons of mixes to choose from according to your style.

What you need to take into account when dying your hair ombre:

  • you will probably need to bleach your hair depending on what you choose to do so make sure your hair is as healthy as possible in order to prevent extra damage.
  • colors will fade pretty fast if you put them on a bleached base
  • if you don’t go to a specialist your hair might just look damaged and not the cool ombre you’d wish you had.

If not ombre, then balayage! This technique became trendy just after the whole ombre thing and it’s similar to it but a whole lot different too.

You can surely opt for something like because it’s timeless and very chic.

Pick a redish darker color as a contrast and see how that works for your style.

Natural roots and healthy hair

Another way of fixing your dry, damaged hair after a long sunny season is by just choosing some highlights for it on the length and maybe keep your roots natural.

If you have grey hairs and you want to cover them up, for a healthier version, try touching up spray like the one Lóreal launched recently.


But when it comes to autumn hairstyles and color trends it’s all about keeping the colors close the ones nature portrays during this season. Rusty reds and coppers in contrast with lighter blondes or dark browns for a nature inspired color mix.

Stay true to your own personal style and don’t try something you feel it might not suit you but it is trendy right now. That will never work.



ombre hair for autumn


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hairstyles for autumn 2017


haircolor trends autumn 2017

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