Hoodie Dress and Sneakers

The weather is really crazy lately. It’s either very hot or chilly in the evening with thunderstorms and showers when you least expect them.

Simple jeans and Tshirts are my go to items for casual days but when I want to spice things up while keeping everything comfortable at the same time, I got for hooded dresses matched with sneakers.

This Vipshop dress is the latest addition to my closet and I will surely wear it a lot until winter comes.

Black is my favorite but during the warm season it would just make it even harder to bear the hot weather. A warm color like orange, would just reflect the light similar to how white does.

yellow fields

pangolin backpack

hoodie dress

hooded dress

hooded dress

pangolin backpack

Dress : VIPshop / Sneakers: Adidas Superstar / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

You might think it’s hard to style it because of the vivid color, but it’s actually pretty simple.

If you want to keep it classic, add neutral accessories to the whole outfit, and make the dress stand out. If you want something more bold, add other colors like blue, violet or warm tones like yellow, red or pink.

It’s only up to you to use your imagination and make the look simple or go for something more.

dress and sneakers


hooded dress

dress and sneakers

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