How I Turned my Life Upside Down

Take a Challenge

As you know by now I am a fashion designer, stylist and blogger, but what you don’t know yet is that I turned my life upside down and rearranged my whole world.

This is how it started….

One day, I was looking in my emails and saw a job post, and not any job post. Online Fashion Marketer- and the job description was really appealing to me. I always wanted to work for a fashion magazine, even if only online, and since working on my blog, online marketing seemed more and more interesting. I kept learning on my own by reading and trying different strategies, planning campaigns for my blog, but I wanted to evolve in this field.

You know that there comes  a time, for some people,  when you feel you want to do more, to learn more, to get another challenge? It was that time for me. I applied for the job, even  if I never expected any of what was about to happen…

-My first ever big challenge was when I attended two universities at the same time; finished both. I felt I was making the  best of my time, as in not wasting precious moments in life when you get to do something for your future. –

So after about a week, I got a call for the job interview … To my surprise, Maria would have been my new colleague. I met her at Kiaari’s Birthday a year ago, but we didn’t talk much, yet she seemed  very interesting as a person. That kind of person you meet once and feel you want to know more about but you are not sure why. I know now why…. Because we both love shopping:)) Watches, handbags, shoes and clothing in that exact order. We are totally different as styles, but still, we have similar tastes. And what I appreciate the most, is her way of thinking, her lifestyle (besides that chips love) and the fact that she is always willing to learn things about anything around her. In my opinion this is the most important thing in life, the only way up to succes.

First day on the job, so many people to meet, and I barely remembered one or two names  that day. It was kind of overwhelming for me. I don’t like changes, but still , taking a challenge is what I live for. Going from a freelancer, artist that could plan her time as she wished, working at nights, running around town all day, to a full time online fashion marketer was a big thing for me when it comes to adapting. I still do everything I did before, but on a whole new level. Being a designer is still a full time job, but the scheldule is different, and even if my free time is scarce  I can’t be happier for all the other great things in my life right now.

But now I have to say it was the best decission I could have taken. I have the best colleagues in the world, very kind, and positive people that make your day better. You can’t even imagine what a great time we have at work, and yes, we do work. But when you do what you like and the company is great, everything turns out professionally smooth. We are all a team, a StylishCircle team.

StylishCircle is the project we are working on. It is a brand new fashion discovery website, where fashion-oriented people can be part of a community that has it all. We already have the StylishCircle blog up, and you can easily subscribe to get the latest news on your email. Also, if you want to be one of our website Beta Testers, please sign up on

We are also looking for the third powerpuff, Buttercup, are you there?

If you live in Timisoara,  you are creative and you have some basic skills in Photoshop, SEO knowledge and you love fashion, send us an email if you want to be our new colleague.

P.S. Do you believe in signs? Two days before the interview I went to get some metallic accessories for hats and among them there was a twisted circle. On my first day at work, Maria showed me the StylishCicle logo… Could you guess what it looked like?

keep calm and carry on shopping mug

mornings at the office

Mondays at stylishcircle office

Ipad mirror for applying lipstick

how to take a selfie


stylishcircle team

stylishcircle fashion office

Ipad mirror for applying lipstick

stylishcircle fashion editors

elevator selfie

maria milea fashion blog stylishcircle office

coffee and instagram

stylishcircle team

morning coffee at the office

Photos by : Ioana Calatina E.


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