How I Woke up in Santorini

We never really plan trips because our schedule is hectic and most of the time it doesn’t even match. So when we finally can take a few days off we jump in the car and go without a certain direction.

Sziget Festival was on our list since the beginning of the year because we got Robbie Williams concert tickets for the first day at the festival but the problem was there weren’t any flights to any seaside destinations on Tuesday so we had to postpone the festival for sunday when we would have been back.

We went by car to Vienna, and then by plane to Greece. We picked Santorini, as it was our first time in Greece. Still, I don’t think I will go back soon because in my opinion the country is overrated. I prefer Spain anytime!

It’s beautiful but if you like walking and sightseeing this island is not for you. Too hot, no shade so that you could enjoy a long walk. I like to sit on the beach, but just for a few hours.

We went for a boat tour, rented a kayak, a car to visit some other parts of the island which is beautiful by the way.

If you like relaxing, sitting around, sun bathing and just enjoying the view for your entire stay, you will surely love it here.

Easy like Monday morning

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As a tip, don’t always go for the perfect view when it comes to picking a restaurant to eat at. Even if the prices would be higher, the food isn’t necessarily better. I don’t recommend spontaneous shopping on the island because there are tons of shops that sell fake products and you can’t really know for sure if what they are selling is the real deal or not, not even for jewelry. But here are some handcrafted jewels that look really amazing, but it would be advised to had a good knowledge in this field if you want to risk buying expensive stuff.

Perfect day by the pool!

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After Santorini we went back to Vienna for a night, then on Sunday, Sziget Festival in Budapest. Luckily for us, we left just in time because a nasty rain started  and we had a loooong trip back to our hotel in Vienna.

Last day some shopping in Pandorf and back home.

Still, it was beautiful and the fresh air refilled our batteries pretty well. I will be back with more pictures that we took!

Have you been in Santorini?



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This view! #blue #santorini #travel

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  santorini travel guide

Good night Santorini!

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Future starts now!

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