How PR agencies should change in 2021

It is no secret that the world has literally changed 180 degrees in 2020 and probably nothing will ever be the same again. Some for the worst some for the better, people and both companies have made a big step last year.

But in such complicated times PR agencies have been struck with difficult situations without precedent. The fast shift of situations had to be dealt with fast and sometimes there wasn’t a plan B because such things never happened. But great PR agencies managed to stay afloat and even rise because they took a challenge and turned it into an opportunity. But for those that haven’t grasped the idea yet, I compiled some ideas on how they should do this in 2021 in order to get better results.

More cooperation

There needs to be more cooperation between the PR agency and the in house PR representative. This is very important especially when something unprecedented happens. Everyone needs to know what the initial plan was, how everything should be dealt with and who is responsible for what. During desperate times it’s really imperative to be on guard and be able to implement responses and solutions without need to double check and get approval. This way anything could be sorted out before it escalades and gets bigger proportions.

Towards the online

With everything that happened in 2020 it’s pretty clear that brick and mortar agencies will cease to exist in the near future. It’s easier to manage everything online in such times, so there is no need for renting an office space where most probably no one will actually come through the door. This would be less expensive and easier to reach a lot of possible clients. Invest the rent and utilities money in a marketing strategy for your own agency instead. Almost everyone could admit that 2020 was the year for a big rise in skincare as a niche. So that any online skincare PR agency would have their client portfolio booked for months.

Short term projects

As budgets went down and uncertainty started roaming everywhere, more and more companies opted for working on short term projects rather than something that would spread over a longer time span. This way they can test and fail fast rather than trying for longer periods of time and waste a lot of budget. Plus, with the global situation right now, you don’t actually know that the plan you had yesterday could be set up for 1-2 weeks or there will be new regulations that would push the Pause button for an undetermined period of time. So it’s better to take it one step at a time.

Closer to each other

This is a general trend, not only in PR. Brands started to got closer and closer to their clients, but closer as in bringing human figures, real people from their own company to stand out and speak for the brand itself. Human to human interaction is sought for now more than ever, so companies took the stand and responded to this demand by humanizing their brand.

Will the brand communication ever be the same as it was before? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be better from now on. This pandemic taught everyone a bit about how to keep customers close and make them devoted to the brand.

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