Why personal trainers are so in demand

We are living in unprecedented times right now and everything adapted so quickly that some were left behind. Why some industries have grown so much and other collapsed? Why some entrepreneurs managed to surf on the waves while others drowned? Simple, it’s the way the took the challenge and turned it into a opportunity. Same thing happened for personal trainers.

All of a sudden gyms got closed. No one could go and train like they used to, but after a few weeks or months, when everyone saw that the pandemic is here to stay, people started looking for solutions both ways. Being even more static than before, working long hours, everything impacted the diet and overall health or every individual. There had to be done something. Some people started working out on their own watching youtube videos or maybe they already had some knowledge related to sports and it worked fine for them. But others needed help to start, so personal trainers were the only options.

Personal trainers were in very high demand even during lockdown but the options were kind of limited. So what they were able to do fast, was to go online with different types of services to cater the needs. If you want to learn how to become a personal trainer, you can find everything online. It’s a really great career shift especially if you are passionate about sports.

Online workout programs

Some trainers opted for creating several types of workouts that people could choose from. They could be special programs for different parts of the body according to what the client would want to focus on. Or maybe specific types of workouts like cross training, yoga or weightlifting. Videos would then be uploaded on to the personal trainer’s website and the client could pay for whatever he wanted to try out. Most of them would also offer some advice and tips for getting the best results.

Online private personal training

The trainers that already had a handful of clients stared doing online sessions even at the beginning of the lockdown. Skype or Zoom were the best mediums for this challenge and the results were really good. The only downside maybe was regarding the fact that posture correction became more complicated. But this might just be the new normal.

Online group training

Classes turned from live workouts to online sessions. A different kind of Zoom meeting that tested out the personal trainer’s ability to teach and also check more than 1 person at a time. Surely there were much more fun classes like Zumba where anyone could join and have fun without much hassle. This could open up more opportunities for people that would have wanted to join such classes but were unable to be present at a certain hour. Now everyone is working from home and could easily spare 1-2 hours that was the commute just a few months back.

Diet plans and workouts

Pre-designed diet plans and go-to workout that clients could buy fast at the touch of a button were probably the most sought for. The prices were lower and the offer was very varied. This required some work for creating and setting up the plans and workouts, but then, it was just marketing. Surely some trainers would also offer personalized diets but the measuring part and keeping count of dimensions and weight would solely rely on the client’s abilities to keep track of everything.

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