How to Wear a Jean Skirt

The versatility of a denim skirt

Made by the hippies

Jean skirts have been really popular in the 80’but few of us really know that they were first produced around 1970 when hippies tried to reinvent the old jeans. They wanted to recycle their old favorite jeans and make them into something really fun, like a denim skirt made out of trousers. You may even remember when we were younger, the skirts had a special design in the front and  back, as they were sewn out of a pair of jeans, and some were actually made like that.


Surely the trend grew and the basic jean skirt because much more than it was initially “invented” as. From mini pencil skirts, a line skirts, to maxi fringed skirts and overall skirts, you name it! You have so many design to choose from and big brands compete every year to make them shine again under a whole new light.

I love denim skirts but I love them more on the grunge side. I used to cut my skirts and try to make them look very distressed and worn, so when I first saw this one, I fell in love. It was as perfect as if I would have made it myself:))

Surely this one is not as versatile as the simple pencil jean skirt, but I already wore it in a totally different way. I styled this denim skirt with a shirt, high heels and of course, a hat and sunglasses.

A jean skirt, if we are talking about the classic pencil skirt, can easily be worn in so many ways.

A silk shirt with high heels can easily go as a casual Friday at work, or maybe a daily attire if your job enables you to wear such outfits.

For a grunge look, like mine, you can style it up just as I did. My skirt can surely be replaced by a classic pencil skirt any day and it would look as cool as this one does.

For a casual summer day, try wearing the jean skirt with some converse shoes or maybe platform ankle boots, a funny printed Tshirt and your favorite leather jacket if it’s a bit cold outside. Don’t forget about the backpack, it’s a must this year.

If you had doubts that jean skirt are back in fashion, you might have convinced yourself right now that they are back and probably not going away pretty fast either.

So how would you style your denim skirt?


cool jean skirt outfit

Cardigan: Rosegal / Skirt: Sammydress / Boots: WhyDenis / Hat: Choies / Scarf: McQueen / Vest: Amisu/ Belt: Gamiss

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