How to Wear a Vest

Mix it to Your Own Style

When you think vests you might just imagine a really formal look, but in my opinion the vest is really an urban item that worn with the right attitude might just rule your look.

I love vests especially leather vests or studded vests, any original details or interesting cuts. I like mixing it up with simple, casual outfits or just go overboard and make a totally funky combination.

Tailored vests will look amazing with flared trousers, high heels and a classic silk shirt. don’t forget about the fedora hat for some extra classiness.

On the other hand, quilted puff vests will keep you warm even in the coldest winters. They are the best investments for the cold season even f you don’t really like wearing such sport vests.

Fur lined leather vests are also great and the look really amazing with laced dresses with long sleeves.

A cool comeback for ethnic inspired vests. Yes, those really classy embroidered pieces that are so expensive but they are worth it. You have to own at least one of these because they are real treasures and they won’t go out of style too soon


types of vests


types of vests

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I am sure you can find something to fit your style because it is very important to stay true to your own personality. Trying to be fashionable by wearing things that are trendy but don’t actually look good on you is the worst thing you might try.

Experiment but still keep in mind your existing wardrobe.

Here are some ideas on how to wear a vest:

how to wear a vest

Silver Leather Vest

how to wear a vest

Studded Wool Vest

how to wear a vest

Leather Vest as Dress

how to wear a vest

Handpainted Fringed Vest

how to wear a vest

Leather Fringed Vest

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