How to Wear the Bomber Jacket

Red bomber jacket and star printed dress


How to wear the bomber jacket is a question I always get from my friends…

Bomber jackets are super stylish and versatile, but they are not elegant, at all… Still you can wear them with dresses, if you keep everything to the casual side of things.

I love bomber jackets because they are very comfortable for day to day wearing. This red bomber jacket is the most recent piece I added to my wardrobe and I think I will wear it very often in the next few months because breezy summer nights call for stylish and versatile jackets like this one.

I also have a khaki bomber jacket that is even more on the urban side. I think the red version is much more easier to style with items that are a bit more elegant.

This type of jackets can be paired up with any kind of jeans, T-shirts and sneakers or boots. If you want to play it with a twist, try adding heels with jeans or a playful dress with casual sneakers or boots like I did here.

This is the type of outfit I would wear for a day out with the girls, or going shopping. As I don’t wear dresses that often, I would switch with a pair of ripped jeans and a simple Tshirt. Sneakers or boots are my go to pieces for casual day to day outfits, but when I climb up on heels, I like them high.

For hot summer days, I will be ditching long jeans for sexy ripped shorts and sleeveless tops underneath. A short romper would do too, but I am not very into overalls.

The bomber jacket is simple to accessorize but only if you want something comfortable and urban. More elegant, fancy looks can’t be mixed with this kind of outerwear.

Fancy looks? Go for leather!

For more versatile outfits, pick leather jackets instead. I love the super elegant mix with leather jacket like this prom look I did here. Soft textures mix well with the roughness of the leather but without making the outfit look weird. They compliment each other like the textures were meant to be together.


How do you like to style your bomber jacket this season?

styling a bomber jacket

Dress: Zaful / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Jacket: Zaful / Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff

red bomber jacket


wayfarer ray ban


red bomber jacket


star printed dress


star printed dress


how to wear a bomber jacket


How to Wear a Bomber Jacket


How to Wear a Bomber Jacket


How to Wear a Bomber Jacket


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