How IoT Can Make Life Easier in 5 Simple Steps

Save more time for your family

Technology is everywhere and we use gadget to control and support our daily chores, habits and even hobbies. There is nothing new about the fact that we all need more time and we try to gain it by using fast paced gadget that might just win us more time for things that mean much more to us like family or hobbies.

Lately we could see an increase in the creation of smart objects around us, which are generically called Iot, Internet of things.  IOT is actually a network of all the physical devices that surround us, from cars, to home appliances and many others that use special software that enables them to connect to each other and exchange data while using an ad-hoc reporting system to keep us up to date.

This sounds like something a big company might be interested in but you can also benefit from IoT, let me tell you how.

5 steps to make your life easier with IoT

1. Fast shopping and synchronized lists with your friends and family. Smart fridges that tell us what we need by sending a notification to our mobile phone and synchronizing it with our partner makes everything much more easier. You can mark the products you bought and which you still need to buy. No more wasting food.

2. Improved home security. Smart security cameras that can send us a notification on our mobile phone when anyone suspicious is around the perimeter. A self-service reporting system  will help you set up patterns and make updates so your system would run really smooth.

3.Win time in the morning before leaving for work. Connect your coffee maker and set the temperature, the coffee type and schedule the time you want it done right from the comfort of your own home.

4.Lower household bills every month. From smart showers that give us the right temperature, sprinklers that don’t run in vain to optimized heaters and smart electrical system that dim lights and saves energy, they all create a smart network that works like a charm. More fun, less things to worry and more money saved.

5.No more bed bugs. Who doesn’t hate bed bugs? Now we also have access to a smart product that enables us to control any sign of infestation. It sits at the top of your headboard and sends you a notification if any bed bug might have been caught so you know to take action before it gets worse.

Are you ready to get friendly with IoT and make your life easier yet?


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