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Winter style- Beanie hat hairstyles


It’s hat season again and yes, I still hate winter. I hate it so much that when temperatures started to lower I booked a flight to the island of Spring, Tenerife that is. But this didn’t last that long because we still need to get back to work and other family chores so I have to learn to face my fears and suck it up.

Besides the fact that cold temperatures would restrict us from going bare headed when there is a blizzard outside, they are tend to keep us far away from a good hair day.

Hats, beanies and other hair covering accessories ruin any sign of a proper hairdo you might have tried to pull off just before leaving the house. So what to do then?

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braided hairstyle

how to style a beanie hat

how to braid a ponytail

Picking the right hairstyle for wearing hats and beanies might save you from looking like a homeless person when you arrive at the office.

Low ponytails with stylish adornments or maybe a cool braid will look much better when you take your hat off. Basically the main idea is to be sure you have control at least on part of your hairstyle and this might probably the lower part.

Trying a French braid is also a nice idea, but you might get freezy after taking your hat off. Maybe using strong hairspray  could save it.

If you still don’t have any ideas on how to save your hairstyle in winter, Here are some inspiring pictures that might please you.

braided hairstyle beanie hat

knotted pig tails

braided ponytail

braided ponytail


braided pigtails

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