How to make yourself look skinny

Picking out the right clothes can make you look 5kg thinner


As you might know I have recently given birth and right now I am trying to balance the whole staying healthy, loosing weight, breastfeeding and working out regime.

But until I manage to get back in shape, I try to dress up well and pick clothing items that are both comfortable and that would also make me look thinner than I actually am


How to make yourself look skinny?

Maybe not skinny but thinner surely! Pick the right pieces of clothing, wear them correctly and accessorize wisely. The rules are simple, but you will need to go out and try things on to get an idea on what looks great on you and what doesn’t. It’s all about experimenting and trying on different styles until you find the right match for your body shape.

Looking thinner – Basic rules

First thing you need to do is analyze yourself and see which are your assets and flaws. What you want to emphasize and what you want to hide, this way you have a basic idea on what to look for in clothing. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and find at least one focus point because you can’t hide everything. And if you do, it will make you look much bigger instead of making you look skinnier.


Dark colors are known to slim down and make things in general look smaller than they are. Surely you might not want to dress up in black for several months even if I did that during my lasts months of pregnancy. Try going for mixes of dark and light colors balancing according to what you want to hide. As far as fabrics are concerned, try matte finishes and stay away from glossy, glitter or patent leather. They will definitely not flatter you.

Patterns & Prints

Prints can make or break such an outfit. To stay on the safe side, try vertical stripes and similar patterns. Some that create optical illusions just like my dress here. The waistline is darker and that helps visually to appear thinner around that area. The patterns go along a vertical line so this way the silhouette is elongated and the edges of the body are not very amplified. Stay away from small dots and horizontal lines.

Cuts & lines

Cuts should always be loose and not body snugging. Still, you might get away with a  dress that is a big close to your body but it doesn’t stay glued to it. This aspect depends on your body type and it works especially if you have a slim waist. Flared dresses, skirts and chiffon tops are the best items to try out.  Skated dresses can work if you have a thin waistline as I said before. The length depends on your legs. So if you still have long slim legs, you can easily get away with such a look.


maxi printed black and white dress

Hat : Choies / Sunglasses: HERE / Dress : HERE / Sandals: Calvin Klein/ Bag: Zac Posen

purple hair pravana

summer casual look


black and white accessories

zac posen handbag
maxi printed black and white dress

how to make yourself look skinny


summer casual look


How do you dress to look skinnier?

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