Marbled Eggs

Easter Eggs Ideas

Easter is s close right now I really can’t believe how fast time flies! And because there are just a few days left until we celebrate, I thought you might just be interested in trying out some new DIY projects.

Easter table setting

I started with a mercury glass vase project a while ago but got to post it only a few days ago. It’s really simple and fast  and it might just be a great deco for your Easter table setting. You might want to add some white branches or just green grass to finish off the whole picture.

Easy marbled eggs

Now about these marbled eggs. We also celebrated the Catholic Easter almost a month ago so that’s when I made these colorful beauties.

You might think it’s hard and you will need so many things that you will have trouble finding in local stores.

It’s actually more simple than you think, and you will probably be an expert in just a few minutes.

You will need:

  • Boiled or blown eggs
  • A plastic pot with tap water
  • Colored nail polish
  • A toothpick easter eggs ideas

The first thing to do is fill up the pot with water. The start dropping nail polish in the water, drop in drop so it will form circles. You will need to move fast in order to be sure the dye will not dry out before you have the chance to use it all.

After you’ve got the desired amount of polish in the water, make the design with the toothpick. You can create so many different patterns  using different colors and techniques. It’s so much fun to try them all out!

Then pick your egg and put in the water over the design, rolling it to be sure you’ve got each side covered in polish. Then put to dry in an egg holder. It’s easy as that!

I also found a video tutorial for you to see. Maybe it’s easier to watch than to read about how you could do it.

Also, note that I never ate these eggs and even if we used the polish on the surface, I am not sure if you should really eat them afterwards.


How do you like to paint your eggs for Easter?



marbled eggs

Marbled Eggs

Marbled Eggs silver easter eggs

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