Trench Coat Fashion

The classics are back


Simple, classic trench coats are back in fashion. Not that they ever left the runway, but more intricate designs were being represented in the limelight while simple coats remained inside the closet.

Trench coat could be worn in all season if we adapt them to the weather outside. Layering might help in the cold season plus it give the whole look more personality. Just like the LBD , this type of trench is a statement piece that we should all own.

Neutral colors like the already famous designs from Burberry are of course the first choices when it comes to colors, but you can go bold too.  Funky textures, even leather trench coats or hot colors like the red one I picked are great options too. It all depends on your style and personality.

Talking about classics, this dotted white and black top will never go out of fashion because of it’s simple cut and  flattering pattern. High waisted shorts flatter any type of silhouette with the condition of having nice legs(not slim, but worked).

I also like this mesh coat that I barely wore and I just remember about it. Now I am really going to take it out of the closet to be sure I will take out for a strole.


What type of trench coat do you like?



trench coat fashion

trench coat fashion

Trench: Here/ Shorts: Here/ Shirt: Here/ Bag: Cathias Edeline/ Shoes: Here

trench coat fashion


trench coat fashion

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