Spring Shoes

Why You Should Buy Spring Shoes in Autumn-Winter

Can you guess the reason?

Of course I can give you two other reason why you should buy spring shoes in any other season.

1. SALES! Yes, they are on sale and if you pick the right type of spring shoes you might just wear them years and years to come. Go for classic designs that fit your style.

2. Unique designs. You might just find limited editions or designs that won’t be in stock when all the others will want to buy them during Spring. Like everyone shops at Zara the latest collections and they get a collection each 2 weeks, so if it’s winter everyone will but boots not sandals. But you could! and all the others will want to get those sandls you have when they are not available anymore.

3. No Fights! Shopping will be relaxing because no one will want your strappy sandals when it’s so cold outside. But maybe you are also going on a vacation where it is warm and sunny, or you just want to wear them with socks, because you are cooler than the average.

You could get any other reason but I would still stick to nb.1 and I bet you will agree after I say this:

Shoes starting for as low as $10!

You heard that! Go and spend! I dare you to buy 5 pairs for the price of one. The price you would normally pay for one pair of shoes. Do you still think I am crazy because I want to buy shoes in the wrong season?

I don’t think so.

Here is my super selection!

spring shoes

Give your look a masculine touch with these super cool and comfortable brogues and loafers!

Left         Middle        Right

spring shoes

Wooden soles will still be in trend next year too! So hurry up and buy your favorite! I would go for the snake printed version.

Black            Snake            White

spring shoes

Glittery heels! These metallic wooden sandals are the perfect mix between the rustic boho trend and glam rock. You can wear then with a simple retro inspired dress and a lace cardigan or just some ripped shorts, a leather jacket and a chiffon cami.

Silver or Gold?

I would say Gold!

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