Win Her Over With An Engagement Ring She Can’t Say No To

One of the greatest challenges that a man has to face when looking for engagement rings is to find the perfect ring that their fiancée will love. What if you choose one that your girl doesn’t like?

While choosing your engagement ring style from a wide range of options may be a challenge, it is not impossible to do. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring that your fiancée will definitely love:

  1. Choose a ring style that matches her personal style.

After setting a budget and choosing the right diamond, the next important consideration is the ring style. A major consideration for finding a ring style and setting that best suits your fiancée’s personal style. There is little chance for you disappointing her. This also goes to show that you are thinking of her when you decide on this milestone jewellery for your relationship.

There are a number of recommendations for ring styles that match personalities. For example, the classic solitaire setting is the most popular style for engagement rings and will impress many women. But, for women who want more glamorous engagement rings, then a higher setting that showcases the sparkle of the centre diamond better such as a halo engagement setting would be your best choice. There are also nature-inspired engagement rings for the nature-loving personality, with ring settings that feature designs such as leaves and flowers. An engagement ring with a bezel setting can also go well with an outdoorsy and active personality. Vintage and antique engagement ring styles are also great for women who love unique items but more fashion-forward personalities would love more modern styles, such as sculptural rings.

  1. Choose the precious metal to match your chosen engagement ring setting.

Deciding on the type of precious metal for the engagement ring is also an important consideration. Aside from the metal matching the centre stone, your fiancée may have favourite colours and specific preferences for what they want to wear. For example, your fiancée might prefer yellow, white, or rose-coloured jewelleries, or she might want a specific type of metal over others. Her current set of jewellery and what she typically wears can provide clues for you.

Your options of precious metals for engagement rings include platinum, palladium, gold, silver, titanium, zirconium, and tungsten. If you think your girl would prefer white jewellery, you can choose from platinum, white gold, palladium, and silver. For women who are into pink hues, you can choose rose gold. And if she prefers the traditional and classic look, then yellow gold is probably the best precious metal to go for.

  1. Make sure you get the right ring size.

One way to ensure that your fiancée will wear the engagement ring that you get them is by ensuring that you get them the right ring size. The best way to determine the ring size of your fiancée is to have a professional jeweller measure her ring finger, but, of course, you’d still want to keep the element of surprise. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t need to sacrifice that. You can ask your fiancée’s parents, her best friend, or close friends about her ring size. You can even sneak into your fiancée’s existing jewellery pieces and get one of her rings that you can use as reference. There are also online ring sizing guides that can help you determine the ring size she wears.

These are just three tips for men to consider that will help ensure that your fiancée will say “I do” to you and love your chosen engagement ring as well.

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